Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector

An Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector is a company-driven project that incorporates extensive R&D activities. The Innovation Project is to contribute significantly towards renewal and increased value creation for the companies participating in the project and for Norwegian trade and industry in general by making new knowledge and solutions available.

Companies, new and established actors in industry, are invited to apply for funding for Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector.

An Innovation Project is to be based on a unique idea for new products, services or solutions at the companies participating in the project. The innovation is to promote sustainable growth and enhance competitiveness for companies in Norway. Innovation Projects are also to lead to additional socio-economic benefits such as the sharing of research-based knowledge and activities to address societal challenges.

If you are planning to seek funding from the Research Council, you must apply via a call for proposals. You will find everything you need to know about calls for proposals, including application requirements and the assessment criteria employed in the relevant call for proposals.

Processing of grant applications

The call for 2021 is now open. This is an ongoing announcement, which means that there is no deadline, and you can send the application whenever you want. The actual application processing will take place in three periods throughout the year. In the announcement itself, you will find more information about these periods.

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