Portfolio analysis for Global development and international relations

The scope of the portfolio analysis

This portfolio analysis is made on the Research Council's total portfolio of projects, i.e., the Research Council's own efforts and EU efforts which are registered until 2020. The analysis applies to the portfolio Global development and International relations' area of responsibility. The portfolio is characterised by research in the thematic areas of international development, sustainable development and poverty reduction, global health challenges and international relations, foreign and security policy.

The disciplinary priorities are strongly related to the thematic priorities, mainly the social sciences and medicine and health sciences. The portfolio also encompass research within science and technology, particularly in connection with research on climate change, environmental issues, renewable energy, and food production. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged, as it is an important tool for meeting the objectives of the portfolio.

The portfolio targets primarily Norwegian research organisations. However, international participation in projects is strongly encouraged, and for some calls partners from developing countries are required. Further, measures are put in place to ensure that the public sector, business, NGOs, and society at large, nationally, and internationally, may benefit from the research results.

The portfolio covers the entire value chain from basic research to innovation and piloting, albeit the emphasis is on applied research. The priority application type in calls for proposals is, by far, Researcher Projects, followed by Collaborative and Knowledge-building Projects. In order to ensure future recruitment to the research field, applications for Ph.D. positions as well as post-doctoral fellowships are normally included in the projects. Further, Norwegian researchers' participation in EUs framework programme, Horizon 2020, contributes significantly to the portfolio.

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