Centres for Social Science Related Energy Research – FME Samfunn

NTRANS - Norwegian Centre for Energy Transition Strategies

NTRANS will study the energy systems role in a rapid and deep decarbonisation in sectors such as industry, transport and buildings. An important task is to find out how the transition can be done fairly and democratically, while at the same time ensure business opportunities and value creation from the natural resources of Norway.

NTRANS will study the interplay between humans, technologies, industry, markets and policies across sectors and levels. The research will be based on techno-economic, socio-technical and environmental approaches. One third of the budget is earmarked for a number of user cases. Planned user cases are within offshore wind, hydrogen, CCS and the interaction between energy exports and the process industry.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the host institution for the center. SINTEF, IFE, the TIK Center at UiO, NHH, SNF, HVL and Vestlandsforskning participate as research partners. There are about 30 user partners in the center, equally distributed between government agencies and private companies and organizations.

Contact info Asgeir Tomasgard, asgeir.tomasgard@iot.ntnu.no.
webpage: www.ntnu.no/ntrans

INCLUDE - INCLUsive Decarbonisation and Energy transition

The goal of INCLUDE is to provide the knowledge and solutions required to realize a socially inclusive low-emission community. The basis for INCLUDE is that the understanding of social structures is necessary for the transition to the low-emission community to be effective. It is important to understand how planned measures affect different groups. Energy justice is a key concept in the activity of the centre.

INCLUDE will analyse the possibilities of energy transition through increased knowledge of how people live, work and travel. In close cooperation with user partners, the centre will test how Norwegian municipalities can contribute to a socially inclusive transition to the low-emission community. Emphasis is placed on inclusive processes, and a number of different social science disciplines are represented in the research.

The host institution is the University of Oslo at the Center for Development and the Environment (SUM). CICERO, TØI, FNI, UiT, OsloMet and the University of Durham (UK) are research partners. INCLUDE has more than 20 user partners, one third are Norwegian municipalities while the others represent government agencies, county municipalities, companies, interest organizations and the voluntary sector.

Contact info: Tanja Winther, tanja.winther@sum.uio.no
webpage: will be launch in January 2020.

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