Who can apply?

Research organisations

A research organisation must be approved by the Research Council in order to be eligible to apply for funding.


Companies within all industries can apply for funding from the Research Council or tax deduction through the SkatteFUNN scheme.

Public sector

All entities in the public sector can apply for funding from the Research Council.

Doctoral/Ph.D., post-doctoral and research stays abroad


Doctoral projects in industry and the public sector

Entities in the public and private sectors may seek funding for a doctoral project to be carried out by an employee in collaboration with a university or university college.

Doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships in R&D projects

Costs associated with doctoral research fellowships (PhD) and post-doctoral research fellowships can be included in project applications submitted to the Research Council.
No calls for proposals are specifically dedicated to research fellowships (with the exception of Industrial PhD and Public sector PhD).

Ph.D. fellowships at the European University Institute

We have an agreement with the EUI under which the EUI may admit up to four new doctoral candidates each in the subject areas of History and Civilisation, Law, Political and Social Sciences and Economics.

Support for research stays abroad and in Norway

The Research Council encourages greater internationalisation of Norwegian research and offers funding for research stays abroad for researchers from Norway as well as for research visits to Norway for researchers from other countries.

Scheme for National Researcher Schools

The FORSKERSKOLER scheme provides funding for 23 national researcher schools across Norway. The purpose of the scheme is to raise the level of activity and capacity in PhD education in Norway based on cooperation in national networks.

Other funding schemes

The BALANSE programme supports the efforts of research institutions to promote gender balance in Norwegian research. New knowledge, learning and innovative measures will lead to greater gender equality and gender balance.

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