Commercialisation Project

Do you have a research result that may have commercial potential? If that is the case this funding scheme may be for you.

What is a commercialisation project?

These are projects where results from publicly funded research may have a commercial potential. 

Typical for these projects is the collaboration with academic and research communities. The projects have reached a stage where it is natural to enter a closer dialogue with market participants to ensure that the project is designed in such a manner that they respond to the needs of future purchasers.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)
  • approved Norwegian research organisations
  • start-up companies originating from approved Norwegian research organisations

How to succeed with the application?

Qualification Project or Verification Project?

We have two different schemes to support commercialisation projects.

  • qualification project
  • verification project

Qualification project

A qualification project should answer the most critical questions that holds the project back from moving forward in the commercialisation process. 

This may involve clarifying or demonstrating technology concepts, mapping application possibilities, establishing dialogue with potential customers and conducting market research.

The results from the qualification project can be used as a basis for an application for further commercialisation support in the form of a verification project.

See more on this page: Qualification – Research Commercialisation from Publicly Funded Research

Verification project

The aim of a verification project is to reduce technological and market uncertainty. Upon completing the verification project, you should have clarified the most critical issues and uncertainties, so that you can proceed with the commercialisation process.

In the project description you must clearly describe what you wish to achieve at the end of the project. This applies to both technical and commercial aspects.

It is therefore important that you establish a close dialogue with relevant market participants to ensure the right design of the projects. 

You can apply for another verification project if you need further clarifications, the project is going well and there are no other funding options due to longer market clarification.

You do not need to have completed a qualification project to apply for a Verification project.

See more on this page: Proof-of-Concept – Research Commercialisation from Publicly Funded Research 2024 (link to new call for proposals is coming soon).

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