Projects requiring collaboration agreements

For all projects involving partners, the Project Owner is required to sign collaboration agreements with the relevant partners by at the latest three months after receiving the contract documents from the Research Council.

Partners are institutions, companies and other entities that the Research Council’s contract stipulates are under obligation to provide professional or financial resources for the implementation of the project. The partners may be represented by designated individuals.

The collaboration agreements are to regulate the reciprocal rights and obligations of the Project Owner and partners in the project. The Project Owner is required to sign written agreements with Norwegian and international partners alike.

The parties are to draw up the agreements themselves

It is up to the parties themselves to determine the appropriate format for and content of the collaboration agreement for the specific partners and project. To help with this, the Research Council has drawn up some sample collaboration agreements to use as a starting point.

Three-month deadline

Collaboration agreements must be signed and submitted via “My RCN web” by at the latest three months after the Research Council has sent the contract to the Project Owner. The Research Council will not disburse any project funding until the collaboration agreements are in place.

Changes in the partners

The expertise and participation of the partners are important factors when assessing project quality, and may have played a key role in the decision to grant funding to the project. The Research Council considers the partners to be so essential to the project’s implementation that we must be notified and give our consent before any changes in the partners may be effectuated.

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