Samarbeidsprosjekt for å møte utfordringer i samfunn og næringsliv

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24. juni: Tekst om ønskede prosjekter etter regjeringens tiltakspakke 3 lagt til prioriteringene 120 millioner til forskning på landbaserte matsystemer og Inntil 150 millioner til bærekraftig bruk og forvaltning av arealer.

Økt beløp på prioriteringene 30 millioner til forskning på sirkulære verdikjeder for produkter som inneholder plast og Inntil 40 millioner til forskning på ressurseffektiv avfallshåndtering og håndtering av farlig avfall.

Justerte prioriterte forskningsbehov på prioriteringen Inntil 40 millioner til forskning på ressurseffektiv avfallshåndtering og håndtering av farlig avfall.

Informasjon om Handelens Miljøfonds rådgivende rolle for prioriteringen 20 millioner til forskning på sirkulære verdikjeder for produkter som inneholder plast lagt til.


Formålet med søknadstypen er å utvikle ny kunnskap og bygge forskningskompetanse som samfunnet eller næringslivet trenger for å møte viktige samfunnsutfordringer. Prosjektene skal stimulere og støtte samarbeid mellom forskningsmiljøer og aktører utenfor forskningssektoren som representerer samfunnets og/eller næringslivets behov for kunnskap og forskningskompetanse.

Viktige datoer

30 jun 2020

Åpen for søknad

02 sep 2020


01 jan 2021

Tidligste tillatte prosjektstart

01 jun 2021

Seneste tillatte prosjektstart

Prosjekter som ikke er startet opp innen denne datoen kan miste eventuell innvilget støtte.

31 mai 2025

Seneste tillatte prosjektslutt

Viktige datoer

Om søknadsresultatene

Søkt beløp
Kr 4 757 000 000
Tildelte midler
Kr 1 387 000 000
Mottatte søknader
Innvilgede søknader

Innvilgede søknader

320769Polar Climate and Cultural Heritage – Preservation and Restoration ManagementSINTEF AS
320507Deterioration and decay of wooden cultural heritage in Arctic and Alpine environmentsNIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI
320821Navigating the threat of azole resistance development in human, plant and animal pathogens in NorwayVETERINÆRINSTITUTTET
320715LIMBO: Evaluating emerging AMR threats and future capacity for action in Norwegian livestock agricultureSTIFTELSEN RURALIS INSTITUTT FOR RURAL- OG REGIONALFORSKNING
320666Disinfectants in food production: efficacy towards foodborne bacteria and potential cross-resistance to antibioticsSTIFTELSEN SINTEF
320349Antimicrobial Resistance in One Health InterfacesNMBU Veterinærhøgskolen
319918Shared Reading Practices in Early Childhood Education and families for Language Learning and Literature experiencesLesesenteret
318626Social and Emotional Learning and Life Mastery in Early Childhood Education and CareLæringsmiljøsenteret
320851The COVID 19 pandemic - risk factors, severity, and the consequences of nationwide control measures on public healthNTNU SENTRALADMINISTRASJONEN
320848FUGLAN VEIT - safeguarding diversity in times of climate change and biodiversity lossAdministrasjon UIT
320843Multidisciplinary approach for spray icing modelling and decision support in the Norwegian maritime sectorFAKULTET FOR NATURVITENSKAP OG TEKNOLOGI
320834High somatic cell numbers in goat milk – influence on product qualityFAKULTET FOR KJEMI, BIOTEKNOLOGI OG MATVITENSKAP
320822Technology for effective and sustainable resource control.SINTEF OCEAN AS
320816OrChid -Oral health care services for Children victims of violence and sexual abuse -Focusing on the clinical forensic dental examinationsTANNHELSETJENESTENS KOMPETANSE- SENTER ØST TKØ
320815The contested nature of Allemannsretten: Renegotiating local customs and small-scale farming in periphery landscapesAdministrasjon UIT
320812CIVIC Renewables: Development of collaborative approaches to civic renewable energy for sustainable rural development and land useSTIFTELSEN RURALIS INSTITUTT FOR RURAL- OG REGIONALFORSKNING
320810Sustainable growth of the Norwegian Horticulture Food SystemNIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI
320800Consumers in a sustainable Norwegian food systemNOFIMA AS AVD ÅS
320798Automated safety solutions for passenger ferriesSINTEF OCEAN AS
320785Societal security and digital identitiesInstitutt for privatrett
320783Responsible AI for Citizen Safety in Future Smart CitiesNTNU IIK
320742Realizing landscape restoration: Enabling transformative change of land-useSTIFTELSEN NORSK INSTITUTT FOR NATURFORSKNING NINA
320741To compress or not compress? A mixed-method longitudinal study of compressed work schedules within the health, care and welfare servicesArbeidsforskningsinstituttet AFI – OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University
320740Bio-farming for bioactive compoundsNOFIMA AS
320724Cataloging and utilizing structural variants to improve sustainability of Norwegian livestock productionFAKULTET FOR BIOVITENSKAP
320722Forestry effects on biodiversity, carbon stocks and ecological processes in mature boreal forestsInstitutt for biovitenskap
320717The balancing act: Biologically driven rapid-response automation of production conditions in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)Nofima
320709Motherhood and Quality of Life: The causal processes of caregiving burden, illness coping, work-life, genetics and social relations.Psykologisk institutt
320702Inclusion of Children and Youth in Organized Leisure in Local Communities in Norway (ICYVOL)INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNING
320699Animal health and pasture carbon dynamics in sustainability assessment of ruminant production systemsNMBU Faculty of Biosciences, Dept. of Animal Science and Aquaculture
320697Governing, producing, and negotiating reindeer landscapes – towards fair and sustainable use of landNORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNING
320694Climate resilient and market adapted Norwegian winter wheat productionNIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI
320680Activating local resources: cultivating regional cooperation for sustainable land-useUNIVERSITETET I BERGEN
320669Assessment of cover cropping as climate action in cereal production in NorwayNIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI
320659ZEVS: enabling Zero Emission passenger Vessel ServicesTRANSPORTØKONOMISK INSTITUTT Stiftelsen Norsk senter for samferdselsforskning
320656Women’s fertility – an essential component of health and well-beingFOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTET
320655Rural vitalization through various adaptations of cultural heritage and landscapesTRANSPORTØKONOMISK INSTITUTT Stiftelsen Norsk senter for samferdselsforskning
320648From Knowledge to Action (K2A): Developing interventions to improve older adult care transitions between nursing homes and emergency wardsSenter for omsorgsforskning Vest
320645Pathways to Active CitizenshipNORCE Samfunn/Helse VESTLAND
320640Assessment of Pollination Provisioning in agricultural Landscapes and the roles of Environment and Climate on ResilienceSTIFTELSEN NORSK INSTITUTT FOR NATURFORSKNING NINA
320637Early intervention after rape to prevent post-traumatic stress disorder – a multicenter randomized control trialInstitutt for klinisk og molekylær medisin
320627A participatory planning support system for sustainable area management using digital twin technologyInstitutt for internasjonal forretningsdrift
320622More good days at home: Advancing health promoting practices in municipal healthcare services for older recipients of home careInstitutt for sykepleie- og helsevitenskap
320619Novel tools and knowledge for a future with no lice infestations in Norwegian aquacultureNOFIMA AS
320612A unified framework for regulation of multi-technology salmon aquacultureHANDELSHØGSKOLEN VED UIS
320602Modelling Ecological state and Condition Maps to support knowledge-based decision-making in Area management and spatial Planning (ECoMAP)UNIVERSITETET I BERGEN
320566Improve Atlantic salmon robustness in freshwater phase through training and feeding to a successfully timed sea transferUNIVERSITETET I BERGEN
320536Enhancing the potential of Calanus as raw material for sustainable aquaculture feed ingredientsSINTEF OCEAN AS
320521Scaling up evidence based early-life nutrition interventions for community resilience and lifecourse health (Nutrition Now)UNIVERSITETET I AGDER
320481Land-use change and changing windpower governance: Process, practices and pressureFridtjof Nansen Institute
320475Implementation of Patients' Safety Checklist (PASC) in Surgery, a Stepped Wedge Cluster RCT - Effects on Patient and Implementation OutcomesHELSE BERGEN HF HAUKELAND UNIVERSITETSSJUKEHUS
320461Recycled Plastics for Food Contact PackagingNorner Research AS
320362#Care4YoungTeeth<3SINTEF DIGITAL
320360Preventing an Opioid Epidemic In Norway: Focusing on Treatment of Chronic pain (POINT)Institutt for klinisk medisin
320322Mathematics, Science and Computational Thinking (MASCOT)OSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET
320308Increased SUStainability through a higher use of barley and oats in BROILer productionNORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU)
320273Partnership for Sustainable Transition from Teacher Education to the Profession (STEP): Becoming a professional teacherUniversitetet i Sørøst- Norge, Campus Notodden
320270Improving conditions for agricultural management of drained peatlands while reducing GHG emissions (PEATIMPROVE)NIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI
320266Development of Arctic maritime logistics and intermodal sea-land transport connections: Implications for the Barents Euro-Arctic RegionHANDELSHØGSKOLEN
320258OEES: The Oslo Early Education Study. A Collaborative and Knowledge-building ProjectDepartment of Education, University of Oslo
320247OpenAR – Framework for augmented reality advanced maritime operationsARKITEKTUR OG DESIGNHØGSKOLEN I OSLO AHO
320243Rehearsing Teaching Professionally (ReTPro) – Building Purposeful Teaching Repertoires to Bridge Theory and Practice in Teacher EducationFAKULTET FOR LÆRARUTDANNING, KULTUR OG IDRETT (FLKI)
320218Ship operational performance in following seasNTNU FAKULTET FOR INGENIØRVITENSKAP
320181Obstetric Care in Norway - A Collaborative and Knowledge-building projectFOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTET
320176SAfeguard BIodiversity and improve Climate Adaptation in catchment areas under pressure: tools and Solutions (SABICAS)Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)
320149Children's Right to ParticipationUNIVERSITETET I BERGEN
320141Outcomes of Instrumental Tuition and Playing in an Ensemble - Teaching Music in Cooperation Between Primary and Music Schools (OutMus)Faggruppe Kunst- og kulturfag
320097Guideline evaluation and implementation mechanisms in school health servicesSTIFTELSEN PILAR: KOMPETANSETJENESTEN FOR PSYKISK HELSE OG BARNEVERN
320090Phenotyping for healthier and more productive wheat cropsNORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU)
320086Sensor-guided enzymatic protein hydrolysis and separation technologies for tailored biomanufacturing of bioactive peptidesNOFIMA AS
320080Family Partner - Co-development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Child Maltreatment Prevention InterventionOSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET
320079Cost-effective algae technology to promote circular economy development of Norwegian wastewater treatment plantNORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNING
320076On-site monitoring of aquaculture impact on the environment by open-source nanopore eDNA analysesNORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU)
320052Depressive disorder in primary care – an integrated solution for improving treatment and preventing severe outcomeUNIVERSITETET I OSLO
320042Mind the gap: Bridging knowledge and decision-making across sectoral silos and levels of governance in ecosystem based managementOSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET SENTER FOR VELFERDS- OG ARBEIDSLIVSFORSKNING - NIBR
319987Millennial SalmonNOFIMA AS
319925Footprint and Impacts of Renewable Energy: Pressure on Lands Under GrowthSTIFTELSEN NORSK INSTITUTT FOR NATURFORSKNING NINA
319917LandValUse: Integrated welfare assessment of climate and biodiversity impacts of land use: From promise to policy solutionsForskningsavdelingen SSB
319892VOM – insentiver til Virkemidler for Omstilling av Matsystemet / Incentives for Measures for Food system TransitionCICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNING
319878The Invisible Ceiling: Muslim Immigrant Entrepreneurs Navigate Norway’s Financial EnvironmentCHR MICHELSENS INSTITUTT FOR VIDENSKAP OG ÅNDSFRIHET
319845Mental health and well-being in adolescence. Exploring the role of social media.FOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTET
319820Implementation of tailored interventions to treat harmful alcohol and drug use in Norwegian hospitals and municipality services (AlcoTail)LOVISENBERG DIAKONALE SYKEHUS AS
319766FarmMERGE: The relationship between farmer health and work environment, and the health, welfare and productivity of their animalsNORD UNIVERSITET
319756Physiology, pharmacology and immunology of ion-channels in Atlantic salmon and the salmon louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonisNMBU Veterinærhøgskolen
319705A life-course approach to prevent noncommunicable diseases in an ageing population - NCDNORFOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTET
319647Opportunities and challenges with innovations in aquaculture production systemsSINTEF OCEAN AS
319588SOLUTIONS: New solutions for potato canopy desiccation, control of weeds and runners in field strawberries & weed control in apple orchardsNIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI
319473JustFish: Understanding and Preventing Fisheries Crime in NorwayNOFIMA AS
319464Waste Management in High North - new cross-border business opportunitiesNORCE Samfunn/Helse NORD
319437FoodLessons: Culinary Heritage as a Resource in Developing "Food Nation Norway 2030"OSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET SENTER FOR VELFERDS- OG ARBEIDSLIVSFORSKNING - SIFO
319396#Amazing grazing - sustainable food and fiber from Norwegian sheep rangeland grazing systemsNIBIO TINGVOLL
319123Fishery at 78° - Small scale fishery for local value creation on SvalbardNofima AS avd Tromsø
319068Accelerating Energy- and Sustainability Transitions in Ports: from national visions to co-constructed transitionSINTEF AS
319050HealthIntro - a study to increase the successful participation of refugees with health problems in the integration programUNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET UIT CAMPUS TROMSØ
319049Green technology for plant-based foodNOFIMA AS
318862Wasted Textiles: Reduced synthetic textile waste through the development of resource-efficient value chainsOSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET SENTER FOR VELFERDS- OG ARBEIDSLIVSFORSKNING - SIFO
318730PLASTICENE - Development of tools for increased resource utilisation, circularity and regulatory support of plastic use in NorwaySINTEF OCEAN AS
318697INTERACT: Enhancing upper secondary students’ engagement and learning through video-based professional development on teaching interactionsUNIVERSITETET I STAVANGER
318575Damage and beyond: role of farmland for red deer populationsInstitutt for biovitenskap
318565Replay or renew? Learning from 20+ years of Norwegian-Russian collaboration on health and social welfare in the Barents region (RE:BARENTS)OSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET SENTER FOR VELFERDS- OG ARBEIDSLIVSFORSKNING - NIBR
318443Oral health in adults: predictors, social gradients and correlation with cardiovascular health in women and menTannhelsetjenestens kompetansesenter Vestland