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We reached 2 500 projects in RiS!

The Svalbard Science Forum is proud to announce that we now have 2 500 projects registered in the Research in Svalbard database (RiS).

Applications for Arctic Field Grant 2015

Svalbard Science Forum received 81 applications in the call for proposals for Arctic Field Grant (AFG) in 2015. The total amount applied for was NOK 4,8 million.

Call for proposals - Svalbard Strategic Grant

NOK 2.5 million is available for workshops and cooperation projects related to research in Svalbard. The deadline for applications to Svalbard Strategic Grants (SSG) is November 26, 2014.

NOK 9 mill funding to promote cooperation between Norwegian and Russian researchers in Svalbard

The Research Council of Norway has issued a call for proposals for activities to promote research cooperation between Norwegian and Russian researchers in Svalbard. The application deadline is 26 November 2014. A survey shows that research groups find this type of funding helps to strengthen cooperation.

Call for proposals - Arctic Field Grant 2015-closed

The call for proposals for Arctic Field Grant (AFG) 2015 is now open. The deadline for next year’s field season is 1 PM (GMT+1) on October 15th, 2014.

Available places at SSF workshop

There are still a few places available for the next SSF workshop on New Technology for interested participants

Call for proposals - Svalbards Environmental Protection Fund

The deadline for applications is September 15th 2014.

SSF in Ny-Ålesund

14-18th of August the SSF will have office days in Ny-Ålesund and you are more than welcome to come by!

Fish moving north

Warmer ocean temperatures in Svalbard waters has resulted in new species moving into the food chain.

SSF office open all summer

At least one member of the SSF secretariat will always be on the island this summer, ready for helping you out.

Final hearing for Pyramiden land-use plan

The Russian coal company Trust Arktikugol is proposing a new area land-use plan for Pyramiden. The deadline for comments to this second round of public hearing is 15 June 2014.

Hearings: Start notice for two new planning processes

The preliminary hearings for a new coal mine at Ispallen near Sveagruva and a new land-use plan for Longyearbyen are now open for comments to the process.

2013 Annual Report and a new SSF information folder

We have published the 2013 Annual Report and a new information folder about the work and activities at the Svalbard Science Forum.

A treasure trove for research in Svalbard

A new version of RiS – the indispensable database for anyone performing research in or around Svalbard – is now launched, putting everything researchers and others need in a single place.

Centre of excellence in biological education opened at UNIS

The new centre is a collaboration between the biology department at UNIS, the departments of Biology and the department of Education at university of Bergen and the Institute of Marine Research.

The Italian multidisciplinary research facility

The Italian Station “Dirigibile Italia” is managed by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and host scientific activities performed by several Italian Agencies and Universities funded by national, international and European projects.

The logistical function in SIOS is clearer

To finalise the Logistics Plan of the SIOS Preparatory Project, there was a workshop held in Longyearbyen on January 27-29. The main conclusion from the workshop is that SIOS needs to build a system for logistics based on existing services and as a response to on-going logistic needs.

SSF Strategic Grants allocations fall 2013

The Norwegian Research Council has allocated funding to two workshops and three projects through Svalbard Science Forums funding program Strategic Grants.

Czech activities in 2013

The activities within the Czech Polar Programme and research base is presented in two annual reports. 2013 was the programme's seventh season in Petuniabukta.

Arctic Field grant reports from 2013

Svalbard birds in west Africa, gender distribution of reindeer, calving rates of glaciers, fungi on plant roots, arctic char, broken bones, polar bear problems and much, much more

Hearing – Protection against harmful foreign species

The Governor is proposing a new plan to protect Svalbard against harmful foreign species. The deadline for comments is January 20.

Arctic field Grant (AFG) allocations for 2014

An extra Christmas gift of fieldwork funding is now wrapped and ready for the 19 master students, 17 PhD students and 14 researchers from 12 different nations who have this year received funding from the AFG!

Permits needed for blood sampling

In order to do blood sampling from birds and other wildlife in Svalbard, your project will need two different permissions in advance: First one from the Norwegian Animal Research Authority and then a second one from the Governor of Svalbard.

Call for SSF's Strategic Grants

Up to NOK 1.5 million is available for cooperation projects and workshops related to research in Svalbard. The deadline for applications to Svalbard Science Forum's Strategic Grants is November 27.

Start notice - Western Spitsbergen

The Governor of Svalbard has started the work on a management plan for the national parks and bird sanctuaries on the west coast of Spitsbergen. They now ask for input to the process, also from the scientific community.

Applications for Arctic Field Grant 2014

Svalbard Science Forum received 87 applications in the call for Arctic Field Grant (AFG) in 2014. The total amount applied for was NOK 5,2 million.

Live streaming from the 11th NySMAC seminar


SvalGeoBase workshop

Last week a SSF supported workshop on basement rocks in Svalbard took place on board the Polish research vessel Horizon

Call for proposals for Arctic Field Grant 2014- Closed

The call for proposals for Arctic Field Grant (AFG) 2014 is now open. The deadline for next year’s field season is 1 PM (GMT+1)on October 16, 2013.

New deadlines for SSF funding schemes

The deadline for applying for SSF funding for fall 2013 will be October 16 for Arctic Field Grants and November 27 for SSF Strategic Grants.