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Norwegian humanities research is thriving

The full scope of Norwegian humanities research has been evaluated for the first time in over 30 years. This is also the first time that the societal impact of the discipline and the interplay between research and teaching have been included in an evaluation of this type.

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INT-BILAT - 20.08.2017

Registration of two Norwegian partner projects for successful PIRE-projects 2017

This call is only for registration of applications for funding of two identified Norwegian parterprojects connected with two successful PIRE6-projects selected for funding by NSF in 2017. The two PIs for the Norwegian partner projects have been notified.

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Project development - Level 1

This course gives EU advisors basic information on how to put together a competitive EU project. The course addresses key elements of project development: What is an EU project? How does a consortium function? What are the steps to establishing an EU project? Why use projects as a tool for solving societal challenges?

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