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Learning and teaching with technology in higher education-a systematic review

This systematic review was commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and answers the following research question: How can teaching with technology support student active learning in higher education? The systematic review was conducted in collaboration with SLATE (Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology) and has explored how technology is influencing educational practices in higher education institutions.

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Because of an increasingly diverse student population and the expected exponential growth of demand for education provision, higher education institutions currently face major changes. The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research has recently taken several initiatives to promote technology use in higher education institutions, both on infrastructure, and related to teaching and learning.

· Teaching in higher education appears to be trapped in prescriptive practices,  inspired by a behaviorist idea about learning where teaching is perceived as one-way «delivery of content».
· Technology is adapted to the tradition, not challenging the tradition.
· Researchers argue that, instead, learning should be student-active. This requires that teachers work collaboratively and know how to develop learning designs.



Forskningsoppsummering (literature review eller research review) er en (ikke systematisk) gjennomgang av publiserte artikler på et forskningsfelt.
Publisert: 31.05.2018
Sist oppdatert: 31.05.2018