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Sustainable Innovation in Food and Bio-based Industries (BIONÆR)

Deadline Announcement
13:00 CEST
NOK 100 million for Researcher Projects on the bioeconomy Choose
13:00 CEST
Up to NOK 30 million for research on a pilot “Zero-emissions farm” Choose


A list with the project titles of all applications under processing will be published on the Research Council website.

In connection with the application review, the project summary may be forwarded to potential referees when asking whether they can assess the grant application. The project title and project summary should therefore not disclose sensitive information.


The overall thematic area of the BIONÆR programme encompasses agriculture, forestry and nature-based value chains. R&D relating to seafood is no longer included in the scope of the BIONÆR programme, and thus the programme will no longer provide funding for purely marine resource-based ("blue sector") projects. Key areas of focus are primarily linked to realising the bioeconomy and to achieving circuit systems, and the BIONÆR programme collaborates on this with several other Research Council programmes.

Primary objective

The BIONÆR programme will promote research that increases the level, profitability and sustainability of production in the bio-based industries.

Secondary objectives

  1. Strengthen and develop:
    • knowledge and expertise for new and existing bio-based industries and bioresource management;
    • research-based innovation in food and other bio-based companies and bioresource management.
  2. Motivate Norwegian knowledge environments to take part in international research cooperation.
  3. Promote value chain-based and circuit system perspectives in the food industry and other bio-based industries.
  4. Use innovative coordination and communication activities to enhance the benefits of knowledge and expertise gained by the industry and public administration.

Projects with funding

At present, these projects have received funding from the BIONAER-programme. The overview provides access to summaries and other key information on all the projects under the programme. (The overview may contain information in Norwegian.)

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Research institutes, universities, university colleges, and trade and industry.

Overall budget:

Approximately NOK 225 million annually.