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Independent Basic Research Projects - Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology (FRINATEK)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements



The FRIPRO scheme was previously divided into three segments – FRIHUMSAM, FRIMEDBIO and FRINATEK – each of which issued calls within its respective subject fields. Starting from 8 November 2018, all calls under the FRIPRO scheme will be announced here and will be open to grant applications within all disciplines.

All new calls for proposals within FRIPRO are located here: Independent projects (FRIPRO). The old calls are listed above, under "Show history".

The text below is not applicable for new calls for proposals, but is relevant for proposals submitted to deadline 25 April 2018, and that are still being processed.

The funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO) comprises a national competitive arena for research funding for projects in all fields and disciplines. The primary objective of the FRIPRO scheme is to provide support for research of very high scientific merit.

The FRIPRO scheme will promote:

  • scientific quality at the forefront of international research;
  • boldness in scientific thinking and innovation;
  • careers for young research talents.

The FRIPRO scheme seeks to increase international mobility among researchers in the early stages of their careers and to enable Norwegian applicants to compete successfully in international funding schemes. It is therefore expected that research fellows under FRIPRO projects will incorporate a stay abroad into their fellowship period and that project managers of funded Researcher Projects and Young Research Talents projects will apply for grants from the European Research Council (ERC).

The Research Council encourages research institutions to seek to ensure satisfactory gender balance among the project managers.

FRIPRO application types 

  • Researcher Projects are projects led by established researchers with experience well beyond a post-doctoral period. Funding for Researcher Projects is announced annually, with an application deadline in April.
  • Young Research Talents is targeted towards young researchers in the early stages of their careers who have demonstrated the ability to conduct research of high scientific quality. Funding for Young Research Talents projects is announced annually, with an application deadline in April.
  • The FRIPRO Mobility Grant is a three-year grant for researchers in the early stages of their careers. The first two years are to be spent at a research institution abroad with the third year at a research institution in Norway. Funding for FRIPRO Mobility Grants is announced annually, with an application deadline in April.
  • Support for Events may be sought for larger-scale international researcher conferences that are arranged on a regular, rotating basis between different countries. Funding for Support for Events is announced annually, with an application deadline in April. 
  • Personal Overseas Research Grants are available for project managers of Young Research Talents projects and FRIPRO-funded research fellows. The call for proposals for Personal Overseas Research Grants is open-ended (applications may be submitted throughout the year).
  • Project Establishment Support comprises financial support to submit a new ERC grant proposal and is available to researchers who submitted a grant proposal to the ERC that advanced to stage two of the submission process, but who were not awarded an ERC grant. The call for proposals for Project Establishment Support is open-ended (applications may be submitted throughout the year), and may be found here.

Please note: Planned calls for proposals are published as early as possible and at the latest six weeks prior to the application submission deadline. The text of planned calls for proposals may be subject to revision up to the official publication date six weeks before the deadline. Further information on all FRIPRO application types is available on the FRIPRO webpages and in the calls for proposals (see planned and active calls above).

Funding was announced for FRIPRO Toppforsk projects in 2015 and 2017. No funding will be available for FRIPRO Toppforsk grants in 2018.


The FRIPRO scheme is divided into three activities based on subject field:

  • Independent Projects – Humanities and Social Sciences (FRIHUMSAM)
  • Independent Projects – Medicine, Health Sciences and Biology (FRIMEDBIO)
  • Independent Projects – Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology (FRINATEK)

This is the call for proposals for FRINATEK. You must submit your application to the activity that offers the best fit for your project. Your grant proposal will be processed by the activity to which it has been submitted. If the grant proposal addresses topics in the interface between two activities, the Research Council may, in consultation with the applicant, decide to redirect the proposal for processing under another FRIPRO activity. For more information on the FRIPRO scheme’s three activities, please see the FRIPRO webpages.

The application review process

Please see the FRIPRO webpages for information on the application review process.

Projects with funding

At present, these projects have received funding from FRINATEK. The overview provides access to summaries and other key information on all the projects under the programme. (The overview may contain information in Norwegian.)

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

The FRIPRO scheme only processes grant applications from Norwegian research institutions (see the Research Council’s definition of “research institution”, link to the PDF file at right) and Nordic research-performing institutions funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers or with public funding from at least three Nordic countries, including Norway. Please note that Nordic institutions are only eligible to submit grant applications for Researcher Projects.



Overall budget:

The FRIPRO scheme is an open-ended funding scheme and the budget is determined annually. The budget for the individual calls for proposals is stipulated in the call for the activity in question.