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  • 107 new FRIPRO projects

    The Research Council’s funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO) is awarding over NOK 870 million to 107 projects with start-up in 2019.

    Published: 07.12.2018
  • Networking with funding from the EU

    Professor Sarah Hean of the University of Stavanger was awarded NOK 4 million under the MSCA RISE scheme. The next call opens in December.

    Published: 22.11.2018
  • New roadmap for research and education cooperation with South Africa

    The Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku) have produced a roadmap summarising the status of cooperation on research and education with South Africa and the thematic areas of particular relevance in the years ahead.

    Published: 13.11.2018
  • New Norwegian-Chinese agreement will benefit Norwegian trade and industry

    The Research Council of Norway recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The agreement encompasses industry-oriented joint calls for proposals of collaborative research projects on environment-friendly energy and digitalisation. Two calls for proposals related to the agreement are now in the planning stage.  

    Published: 29.10.2018
  • Updates to the sample collaboration agreements

    In June 2018 the Research Council of Norway updated its General Terms and Conditions for R&D Projects. Now we have updated the sample collaboration agreements to reflect the new terms and conditions.

    Published: 25.10.2018
  • Important funding boosts recommended in Long-term plan for research

    The Government has proposed important plans to escalate funding for research in its Long-term plan for research and higher education, which was presented together with the research budget for 2019. In general the 2019 budget is very restrained.

    Published: 12.10.2018
  • Changes to application deadlines and assessment procedures in 2019

    If you are planning to seek funding for Researcher Projects or Collaboration Projects on Societal Challenges and Business Development in 2019, the application submission deadline will be 10 April.

    Published: 05.10.2018
  • Next application deadline: 10 October

    Are you planning to submit a grant proposal to the Research Council for the 10 October deadline? Follow our advice on how to avoid any last-minute glitches.

    Published: 27.09.2018
  • 795 grant proposals submitted for the September application deadline

    A total of NOK 1.4 billion in project support was announced in this funding round. A majority of the proposals received were for Researcher Projects and Knowledge-building Projects for Industry.

    Published: 27.09.2018
  • Communication award goes to climate researcher

    The Research Council of Norway’s Award for Excellence in Communication of Science for 2018 has been given to Bjørn Samset of the CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research.

    Published: 21.09.2018
  • European effort to promote open access to research

    The Research Council of Norway, together with the EU, the European Research Council (ERC) and other research funders throughout Europe, will be requiring that all  research papers funded under their programmes are to be published with open access starting in 2020. This will give researchers, industry and the public at large ready access to the latest knowledge.

    Published: 07.09.2018
  • Ten ERC Starting Grants to Norway

    Ten young researchers at Norwegian institutions have won Starting Grants from the European Research Council (ERC). This is the highest number of grants Norway has ever won in a single funding round.

    Published: 28.08.2018
  • Research Council’s Innovation Award goes to Zivid – developer and manufacturer of “robot eyes”

    The Research Council of Norway’s Innovation Award for 2018 has been given to the technology company Zivid. Zivid pursues long-term research and has positioned itself to play an important role in Industry 4.0 development in Norway and internationally.

    Published: 17.08.2018
  • Increased funding of challenge-driven humanities research

    Humanities research has an important role to play in the efforts to solve major societal challenges. The Research Council of Norway therefore aims to increase its funding of humanities research from three per cent to five per cent of its overall allocations by 2022.

    Published: 02.07.2018
  • Midterm evaluations lead to continued financing for all SFF centres

    International scientific committees have evaluated the 13 Centres of Excellence in research that began their activities in 2013. All the centres will receive funding for a new five-year period, but four of the centres were asked to prepare new research strategies before they were approved.

    Published: 29.06.2018
  • Updated general terms and conditions for new R&D projects

    The Research Council has updated its standard terms and conditions for R&D projects. The updated "General Terms and Conditions for R&D Projects" will apply for funded projects that are based grant applications received from 1 July 2018 and onwards.

    Published: 28.06.2018
  • Changes to the grant application form

    The next time you create a grant application for the Research Council of Norway you will see that it includes a number of new items. Start working on your application well before the submission deadline to identify all the information you will need to be able to fill in the form correctly.

    Published: 25.06.2018
  • Primary industry institutes a key to sustainability

    The Research Council of Norway’s evaluation of the primary industry institutes shows that they operate in areas of high and increasing importance, nationally and internationally, but that they can contribute even more to national economic restructuring and the development of more sustainable primary industries.

    Published: 25.06.2018
  • Norway and Singapore to continue research cooperation

    The Research Council of Norway and the maritime authorities of Singapore have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding on maritime research. A new joint call for proposals has been issued, with an application submission deadline of 12 September 2018.

    Published: 22.06.2018
  • Norwegian social sciences research is of good quality, but few groups have global impact

    An evaluation of Norwegian social sciences research has been carried out under the direction of the Research Council of Norway. The quality of research activity is generally good to very good, but researchers could do more to develop the field of research and to reach out internationally.

    Published: 21.06.2018
  • Four joint Indo-Norwegian researcher projects within bio economy

    Under the Agreement of Cooperation in Science & Technology concluded between the Government of India and the Government of Norway, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Government of India and the Research Council of Norway (RCN) have started a program for joint funding of Indo-Norwegian joint research projects in mutually agreed fields to achieve world-class scientific results.

    Published: 07.06.2018
  • Norway exceeds two per cent share of Horizon 2020 contribution for the first time

    Norway has fulfilled the Government’s ambition to achieve a two per cent share of its EU contribution from Horizon 2020, and has won NOK 5.4 billion of the total competitive funding allocated thus far under the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme.

    Published: 16.05.2018
  • Record number of grant applications for April deadline

    With NOK 2.1 billion in funding available, the 25 April application submission deadline was the largest funding round in the history of the Research Council of Norway. A total of 2 151 grant applications were submitted, also a record high.

    Published: 11.05.2018
  • Opportunities and challenges for Norwegian interdisciplinary research

    The Research Council of Norway has commissioned a case-study based review of interdisciplinary research in Norway. It has also taken a closer look at whether interdisciplinary project applications are discriminated against in the open competitive funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO).

    Published: 08.05.2018
  • Two prominent Norwegian researchers each receive EUR 2.5 million in ERC funding

    Harald Stenmark from the University of Oslo and Bertil Tungodden from the Norwegian School of Economics have been awarded Advanced Grants from the European Research Council (ERC) for cancer research and behavioural research, respectively.

    Published: 25.04.2018
  • Research Council launches gender balance barometer

    The Research Council of Norway now provides statistics over gender distribution in the grant applications submitted and awarded funding. These statistics also include an overview of the gender distribution among project managers from the institutions submitting the most proposals to the Council.

    Published: 24.04.2018
  • Universities recruit talent through Horizon 2020

    Norwegian universities are systematically using Horizon 2020, to recruit foreign talent. These efforts are paying off in the form of more MSCA Individual Fellowships.

    Published: 23.04.2018
  • Successful centre-based collaboration between institutions and companies – but more can be achieved

    The Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) have succeeded at competence building and researcher recruitment in areas of major importance to Norwegian trade and industry, according to a new evaluation.

    Published: 16.04.2018
  • Research Council’s annual report 2017

    According to the Research Council’s 2017 annual report, the organisation is successfully performing its tasks, although there is still room for improvement in certain areas. 

    Published: 13.04.2018
  • Updated Norwegian strategy and roadmap for research infrastructure

    The Research Council of Norway has updated its national strategy for research infrastructure. The roadmap with area strategies has also been updated and will provide the strategic framework for this year’s call for proposals.

    Published: 26.03.2018