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The list below provides information about selected events arranged by the Research Council of Norway on its own or in collaboration with others. Information will be made available in English to the greatest degree possible, but please note that Norwegian texts may appear. A more comprehensive overview over coming events is found on the Norwegian-language webpages.

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  • ONS Innovation Park 2018

    Welcome to ONS Innovation Park 2018. This year, 18 companies with support from The Research Council of Norway are participating, all presenting strong, innovative technologies. Together, these technologies represent a wide range of applications with usage also outside the oil industry. All technologies have the potential to increase competitiveness on the Norwegian continental shelf. The companies have applied for the ONS Innovation Award.

    From: 27.08.2018
  • Breakfast seminar: International funding opportunities for clinical trials

    Interested in large clinical trials and need funding? GLOBVAC invites you to a seminar on funding in the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trails Partnership (EDCTP).

    From: 05.09.2018
  • Workshop: How to Find Funding Opportunities in Horizon 2020

    Do you consider to participate in Horizon 2020? Meet with advisors from the Research Council of Norway and explore some of the Smart City opportunities.

    From: 27.09.2018