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The Regional science centre programme aims to increase the interest in science among children, youth and the general public. A science centre is a centre for experience and learning, with a focus on mathematics, natural science and technology, where visitors learn by doing experiments themselves.

In addition, the science centres aim to be a resource for teacher colleges. For more information, see About the science centres (in Norwegian). The programme includes ten regional science centres:

1. DuVerden, Porsgrunn
2. Inspiria, Sarpsborg
3. Jærmuséet, Sandnes and Nærbø
4. Nordnorsk vitensenter, Tromsø
5. Oslo Vitensenter
6. VilVite, Bergen
7. Vitensenteret i Trondheim
8. Vitensenteret Innlandet, Gjøvik
9. Vitensenteret Sørlandet, Arendal
10. Vitenparken Campus Ås