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Programme description

The Research Programme on Core Competence and Value Creation in ICT (VERDIKT) (2005-2014) is one of the programmes under the Research Council’s Large-scale Programme initiative.

The primary objective of the VERDIKT programme is:

To generate world-class expertise and value creation in the field of ICT.

This will be achieved through fulfilment of the following secondary objectives:

Competence-building – Training new researchers and enhancing research expertise in academia, trade and industry, and the public sector.

  • Developing world-class research expertise.
  • Expanding cooperation between trade and industry and academia.
  • Increasing interest in the ICT subjects.
  • Increasing the proportion of women working in ICT.

Knowledge-development – Producing and publicising research results that will benefit trade and industry and society at large.

  • Conducting relevant research that increases the competitiveness of Norwegian tradeand industry.
  • Generating project results that help to meet major challenges to society, especially those related to the environment, climate, energy and health.
  • Increasing the number of publications and presentations in recognised scientific forums.
  • Producing research results that are used by trade and industry and that benefit the development of society.

Innovation – Promoting innovation and value creation fuelled by ICT research.

  • Developing new patents, products and services.
  • Establishing new companies.
  • Strengthening existing companies.
  • Enhancing efficiency in the public sector. 

The VERDIKT programme has defined four research areas that will be constant during the programme lifetime. In 2009, the VERDIKT programme selected three new thematic research topics: Social networks, the Internet of Things and Mobile Internet. These new research topics in the VERDIKT programme are key drivers for the development of the Future Internet, which is the overall framework for the topics.

Research topics and areas in the VERDIKT programme Future Internet is the overall framework for research topics in the VERDIKT programme

The VERDIKT programme provides funding for basic and applied research that is intended to develop ICT as an area of knowledge. This includes user-oriented, technology-oriented and system-oriented research.

  • The VERDIKT programme is one of seven strategic programs within The Research Council of Norway. The idea behind the strategic programs is to combine long term basic research with applied and industrial R&D, into one thematic program
  • The VERDIKT programme has a 10 years' duration, from 2005 to 2014
  • The VERDIKT programme is currently funding 100 projects - representing a total budget of approximate 115 mill. Euro.


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