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Increasingly relevant to society

The past decade has seen an ICT revolution that affects all areas of society. Activities under the VERDIKT programme show that Norway has been successful in keeping pace with developments.
Date: 24.11.2014

New large-scale initiative on ICT

The Research Council’s Large-scale Programme on Core Competence and Value Creation in ICT (VERDIKT) concludes at the end of 2014. The new large-scale initiative on information technology and digital innovation (IKTPLUSS) will take a more integrated approach to ICT research than its predecessor.
Date: 03.12.2014

Youth engagement through social media

First study to reveal how lead users have been successful in applying social media to foster civic engagement among young citizens.
Date: 25.11.2014

A boost for basic ICT research

An additional NOK 54 million has been allocated to Norwegian ICT research through the funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO) in cooperation with the new large-scale research programme on ICT (IKT2025).
Date: 15.04.2014

First Norwegian Idea Lab initiative: Four research projects and a researcher network

Four research projects recently received a pledge of funding from the Research Council of Norway as part of its first Idea Lab initiative (Idélab). The projects range from radically reducing energy consumption in buildings to capturing CO2 with bio-oil as a by-product.
Date: 17.02.2014

Educational game captures technology prize

Kahoot! – a project with funding from the Research Council of Norway – has emerged as the winner of the “Technological achievement of the year” award, bestowed by the Norwegian science magazine, Teknisk Ukeblad.
Date: 13.02.2014

New method to generate radical project ideas

The Research Council of Norway is adopting an “idea laboratory” (Idélab) method to generate groundbreaking projects in the interface between subject areas and disciplines. The first event will focus on the vision of a zero-emissions society.
Date: 01.11.2013

Welcome to the VERDIKT-Conference «Rock 'n' Roll Technologies»

The VERDIKT programme invites you to two days of insights and knowledge about the last trends in ICT research and innovation.
Date: 13.10.2013

New funding opportunity to strenghten ties between education and research

UTFORSK is a new Norwegian instrument for strengthening the linkage between higher education and research in international collaboration, and to increase cooperation between Norway and Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and South Africa.
Date: 13.09.2016

“GPS” for indoor use

Have you ever lost your way in a large office building or on a university campus? Normal GPS systems are of little assistance in these cases. A new smartphone app shows you the internal layout of a building and helps you to find your way.
Date: 06.02.2013

Streaming video over temporary networks

Self-configuring data networks may provide crucial help to emergency and rescue operations in hard-to-access areas. Norwegian researchers are developing software that makes it easier to transmit vital video streams over such networks.
Date: 30.01.2013

Nanoscale impulse radar measures depth of snow and ice

Snow is the be-all and end-all for alpine ski resorts. Now a tiny sensor has been developed to determine how much cold gold there is on the slopes and how much more should be produced. The sensor is based on Norwegian radar technology and is no larger than a match head.
Date: 18.12.2012

Big-data research spurs industrial development

One of the world’s largest specialist groups within the field of big-data analytics is being assembled in Norway. The centre for Information Access Disruptions (iAD), with its head office in Tromsø, is at the core of this activity.
Date: 14.12.2012

NOK 35 million to green ICT and health

The VERDIKT programme launches a call for proposals on green ICT and smart ICT solutions for health, care and welfare services. Deadline is November 28.
Date: 07.09.2012

Computer program recognises any language

New technology that allows computers to recognise any language without pre-learning stands to revolutionise automatic speech recognition.
Date: 21.08.2012