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The STUD-ENT funding scheme is targeted towards students and recent Master’s degree graduates who have a knowledge- or research-based business idea and the formal support of a Norwegian university or university college.

Support for student entrepreneurship

The STUD-ENT scheme is a national competitive arena in which students and recent Master’s degree graduates, in cooperation with a university or university college, may seek financial support for realising their knowledge- or research-based business ideas. In the application review process the Research Council uses only external referees with relevant experience in relation to the individual grant applications. These external referees have a background as an investor, business developer, technology developer, serial entrepreneur or the like, and provide critical and practical advice for all grant applications, regardless of whether applicants receive financial support. All projects that are assessed will receive written feedback from the referees. Thus, the STUD-ENT scheme also serves as a practical learning arena for students, universities and university colleges alike.

The scheme is designed to provide both the Research Council and the university and university college sector with new insight into how to create an effective, well-organised framework for promoting student entrepreneurship. Many universities and university colleges are already working actively to support students who have business ideas. The scheme makes it possible for the institutions to boost the most promising student business ideas, promote their realisation and subsequently use them as role models to foster an entrepreneurship culture.

The STUD-ENT scheme is part of the Research Council’s programme Commercialising R&D Results (FORNY2020). The FORNY2020 programme is a public tool for strengthening existing and creating new knowledge- and research-based industrial activities in Norway. One of the programme’s most important tasks is to provide funding for activities at an early stage of commercialisation efforts. For more information about the programme, see the FORNY2020 webpages.