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Members of the Svalbard Science Forum


The members of the Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) represent the four main research communities in Svalbard (Ny-Ålesund, Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Hornsund).

Forum members:

  1. The Research Council of Norway (Chair): Kirsten Broch Mathisen
  2. Kings Bay AS: Per Erik Hanevold
  3. The Norwegian Polar Institute: Kim Holmén
  4. The University Centre in Longyearbyen: Harald Ellingsen
  5. NySMAC - Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee: Maarten J.J.E. Loonen 
  6. LySEF- Longyearbyen Science and Education Forum: Kim Holmén
  7. The Polish Polar Station in Hornsund: Piotr Glowacki (IGPAS, Poland)
  8. The research community in Barentsburg: Yuri Ugriumov (AARI-S, Russia)

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