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New strategy for research and higher education in Svalbard

Svalbard – top of the world for knowledge of global significance

The Norwegian Government has ambitions for research and higher education in Svalbard, and wants the research to deliver meaningful contributions to international development of knowledge and contribute to solving central societal tasks and global challenges. This must happen through more committed cooperation regarding infrastructure, better coordination of registrations in the field and more sharing of data and research results. UNIS shall continue to be developed as the government's institution to offer higher education in Svalbard. The strategy is founded in and clarifies the last White paper about Svalbard (Meld. St. 32 (2015–2016)). The Government wants Svalbard's natural advantages and unique possibilities to be used in the best possible way, while safeguarding its natural environment and cultural heritage.

The strategy is a long-term platform that determines the frameworks and principles for research and higher education in Svalbard, and clarifies Norway's role as the host. The Norwegian Research Council will follow this strategy though with a separate research strategy for Ny-Ålesund. Any initiatives to be pursued will be proposed by the Government in upcoming budget processes.

You will find the English version of the strategy here:  Strategy for research and higher education in Svalbard PDF - 2,7 MB



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