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New forces by Svalbard Science Forum!

Lately our SSF-team has been enriched with two new co-workers, Helén Johanne Andersen and Cecilia Ann Madelene Sandström.

Helén has a background in political science. Her most recent position was as an adviser for The Ministry of Climate and Environment where she worked with the bilateral cooperation with Russia and had the position as the chair of the Barents Euro Arctic Council's Working Group on Environment.

Cecilia has a background in biology, specialised in Arctic Ecology. Since 2005 Cecilia has been frequently returning to Svalbard, either to work as an expedition guide on cruise ships or for field work for her doctoral studies entitled Do geese gain health benefit by migrating to the Arctic?

Helén and Cecilia will both work actively to achieve better coordination of research activities in Svalbard. They will assist with the further development of the data base Research in Svalbard (RiS) and to enhance the information flow about ongoing Svalbard research. In addition they will be responsible for two Svalbard funding programs, Svalbard Strategic Grant and Arctic Field Grant.

We at The Research Council of Norway and at the secretary of Svalbard Science Forum are very happy to have Helén and Cecilia with us in our team!

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