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Important updates for bookings in RiS!

Kings Bay has updated their Terms & Conditions, and available flight seats are now live online.

Now that the winter/ spring field season is approaching we expect an increase in activity in RiS and in bookings to travel to Ny-Ålesund for fieldwork. There are deadlines prior to the arrival date for cancellations and changes, and charges for late changes and for invoices. Please take the time to read Kings Bay's Terms & Conditions before you start the booking process to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible for both parties. This is the direct link to the Kings Bay Terms & Conditions:

If you have questions after reading the Terms & Conditions, please contact

A new time saving function that is now available from the RiS booking page is that you can check yourself how many seats are available on the different flights! You will find the link in the transport section of your booking and it will direct you to the Lufttransport backoffice. The page shows you both the flight schedule and the remaining available seats in these flights. Please check the flight and seat availability before you send off your booking, this will save both you and Kings Bay a lot of time, work and e-mails back and forth!

A few tips at the end: we advise that new users add themselves to RiS, instead of a project leader adding them. New users must still accept to be a user before they are available in searches to be added to projects and bookings. This is standard privacy protection. Also please add new fieldwork periods every time you have fieldwork, and add periods that show when people are actually out in the field or stay in Ny-Ålesund. False multi-year fieldwork periods make a mess in our statistics and mess up your automatic search for possible fieldwork logistics partners (the turquoise box on your project page).

Good luck with the coming fieldwork season!

Written by:
Margrete Nilsdatter Skaktavl Keyser Seniorrådgiver
Last updated: