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Funding from the Arctic Field Grant (AFG)

PhD Candidate Julia Olsen received funding from the Arctic Field Grant (AFG) in December 2016. She has, together with a colleague from Nordland Research Institute, produced a video from her summer 2017 field work in Svalbard.
Date: 18.10.2017

AFG 2018 Applications

77 applications were received for this year's AFG.
Date: 16.10.2017

Call for proposals - Svalbard Strategic Grant 2018

NOK 4 million is available for workshops and cooperation projects related to research in Svalbard. The deadline for applications is November 22, 2017.
Date: 09.10.2017

New forces by Svalbard Science Forum!

Lately our SSF-team has been enriched with two new co-workers, Helén Johanne Andersen and Cecilia Ann Madelene Sandström.
Date: 22.09.2017

Svalbard — Meld. St. 32 (2015–2016)

Report to the Storting (white paper)
Date: 05.09.2017

Call for proposals - Arctic Field Grant 2018

The call for proposals for Arctic Field Grant (AFG) 2018 is now published. The deadline for next year’s field season is 1 PM (GMT+1) on 11 October 2017. The call will be activated 6 weeks before the deadline.
Date: 21.08.2017

Visiting Svalbard researchers in field

Two months in a tent, being attacked by birds and doing hours of polar bear-watching. This is the normal life of polar researchers in field during the summertime in Svalbard.
Date: 17.08.2017

Keep your samples frozen in Longyearbyen!

On your way home from the field, staying overnight in Longyearbyen and struggle to keep your samples frozen? Have some urgent office work to do in Longyearbyen and cannot find a quiet place to sit with your computer?
Date: 27.06.2017

SIOS workshop on Copernicus satellite data - Application is now open

Applications are now open for the Copernicus workshop on how to use Sentinel-2 data to monitor snow and ice. The 3-day workshop will take place in Longyearbyen from 11-13 September 2017.
Date: 27.06.2017

Job opportunity: SIOS director

SIOS will enter its operational phase in late autumn this year. In this context we are seeking an experienced, creative and executive person to lead the continued development of SIOS as the director.
Date: 27.06.2017

SSF Annual report 2016

This was a year of consolidation. The webpages have a stable number of visits, the number of applications for the funding schemes is stable and ensures a continued high success rate and the Research in Svalbard (RiS) database is functioning well as a platform for submitting applications to the Governor and for booking services in Ny-Ålesund.
Date: 29.05.2017

Svalbard Science Conference 2017 – cooperation for the future

Svalbard in the High Arctic, with easy access, is a unique platform for arctic research.
Date: 26.05.2017

Key priorities for polar research – invitation to survey

EU-PolarNet and a group of 50 polar experts and stakeholders are working together to develop a set of polar white papers. These white papers will provide a state of the art for a range of societal relevant polar issues and outline possible approaches on how to address these. We now would like to invite you to contribute to this process.
Date: 12.05.2017

SSF in Ny-Ålesund

One of the tasks of Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) is to visit the four permanently manned research communities in Svalbard - Ny-Ålesund, Longyearbyen, Hornsund and Barentsburg - to provide and get information to/from those communities.
Date: 09.05.2017

Kings Bay 100 years

Kings Bay celebrated its 100th anniversary and 50 years as a research base with a research seminar organized jointly with the Research Council of Norway.
Date: 17.02.2017