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The SMARTRANS programme was established in 2006 in response to the Ministry of Transport and Communications' strategy for telecommunications and transport research and in accordance with the National Transport Plan to promote a safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable transport system.

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  • Six new SMARTRANS projects

    The programme board for the Intelligens Freight Transport programme (SMARTRANS) has awarded 24.8 mill. kroner to new projects.

  • New instructional video:

    Instructional video on the RCN grant application system

    A simple video is now available which explains the Research Council of Norway’s grant application system and how applications are processed.

  • Industry, research and humanitarian organisations join forces:

    New solutions for emergency relief

    What prevents help from arriving when disaster strikes? The objective of the Norwegian innovation project Contribute is to optimise humanitarian response efforts, improve use of resources and develop a new business concept.

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