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Midway evaluation

Midway evaluation of the Centres for Research-based Innovation
Under the scheme for Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI), each centre is required to undergo an evaluation under the auspices of the Research Council roughly 3,5 years after start-up. The evaluation forms the basis for determining whether to continue the individual centre for the final three-year period.

Each centre is evaluated in light of the criteria used for the selection of the centres and the success criteria defined for SFI centres. The evaluation is conducted on the basis of internal assessments provided by the centres, the host institutions and all centre partners. The annual reports of the centres are also included. A panel comprised of two international scientific experts and two generalist evaluators reviews and evaluates all the submitted documentation and conducts an all-day meeting at each centre. The evaluation panel produces a report for each centre. These reports form the basis for the decision taken by the Research Council’s Executive Board on which centres will receive continued funding for the final three-year period, as well as any changes which must be implemented before this funding may be granted and whether any of the centres will be terminated at the conclusion of the initial five-year period.

The midway evaluation of the 17 centres established in 2015 (SFI III) will be carried out in spring 2019. The mandate and documents for the internal assessment reports for this evaluetion may be downloaded from the menu on the right.

The midway evaluation of the seven centres established in 2011 (SFI-II) was carried out in spring 2015. See the Final report from the midway evaluation in the menu on the right.

The midway evaluation of the 14 centres started in 2007 (SFI-I) was carried out in autumn 2010. See the Final report from the midway evaluation in the menu on the right.

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