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Technology and Material Environments: Nine new researcher networks

On 6 June 2018, the SAMKUL programme board allocated funding for nine new researcher networks, most of which focus on digitalisation. The networks will be launched in early autumn 2018 and will have a duration of up to one year. The SAMKUL programme will issue a call for proposals for research projects in early 2019 based on the same thematic priorities.

Cooperation with IKTPLUSS

The recent call was issued in collaboration with the IKTPLUSS initiative for ICT and digital innovation, which provided funding for networks “in which issues and research questions related to information technology and digitalisation are a key focus.” Seven of the nine networks awarded funding address ICT-related topics such as algorithmic cultures in the public sector, artificial intelligence and digitalisation in the media.

Winter/spring 2019: Call for proposals on Technology and Material Environments

The SAMKUL programme has currently set aside approximately NOK 70 million for its 2019 funding announcement. The application deadline will be 10 April 2019. The programme board has decided that Technology and Material Environments will be the chief thematic priority area for grant applications for Researcher Projects under the call. The programme board anticipates that the new technology networks will develop projects that will be directed towards other Research Council programmes and international funding sources in addition to the SAMKUL programme. The coming call will therefore be open to all applicants, not just those who have received network funding.

Following up the white paper on the humanities in Norway

The SAMKUL programme is giving priority to Technology and Material Environments in this year’s call for networks and next year’s announcement of funding for research projects as part of the effort to follow up the white paper on the humanities in Norway. The white paper identifies “major technological shifts” as one of three groups of societal challenges where there is a need for wider contributions from humanities research. Although the research perspectives of the SAMKUL programme largely elicit interest among the humanities, the programme is open to projects within all disciplines, and interdisciplinary research activities in particular. Technology and medical researchers as well as natural scientists already take part in many projects alongside the diverse humanities scholars.  

Stringent requirements and few applications

The call for researcher networks and other meeting places was limited to networks addressing the SAMKUL programme’s second thematic priority area, Technology and Material Environments. In addition, the call stipulated that proposed networks must be radically interdisciplinary, that the humanities/humanities researchers must be incorporated as a key scientific focus and that one of the aims of the networks must be to develop projects and ideas. Possibly as a result of the stringent requirements there were only ten grant applications submitted, of which nine were awarded funding.

An overview of funding allocated and the networks is available at: (in Norwegian)


Translation: Glenn Wells/Carol B. Eckmann 

Written by:
Christian Lund
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