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The Programme for Practice-based Educational Research (PRAKUT) has a primary objective to enhance the quality of early childhood education and care (ECEC), basic education (primary and secondary education) and teacher education.


  • Conference on Educational Research 2012:

    - Three major challenges

    - We are addressing three challenges at the same time: low student motivation, a lack of effectiveness in the educational system and high resource use, said Anthony Bryk at the large conference on educational research held in Oslo on 12 November 2012.

  • Conference on ECEC 12 JUNE 2012:

    Do we need ECEC teachers?

    The distribution of work duties between assistants and teachers in Norwegian ECEC institutions is unclear. How does this affect the quality of education and care?

  • More research on new learning arenas

    Projects that explore learning in various arenas outside of school got top priority in the most recent funding round under the Research Council’s Programme on Practice-based Educational Research (PRAKUT).
    - This is a new area in the context of educational research, says Bente Aamotsbakken, chair of the PRAKUT programme board.

  • Educational research programmes to merge

    The Research Council of Norway is combining its two educational research programmes: the Programme for Practice-based Educational Research (PRAKUT) and the Programme for Norwegian Educational Research towards 2020 (UTDANNING2020).

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