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Strong science and excellent industry-academia collaborations

Strong science and excellent industry-academia collaborations is the conclusion in a new evaluation report about the two research centres for petroleum.

The two research centres for petroleum activities (PETROSENTER) started in 2013. The centres were awarded for a project period of five pluss three years. This midterm evaluation will be an important basis for the decision whether or not to continue the centres in the final three year period.

The evaluation concludes that the industry-academia collaborations are excellent. and that both centres are delivering significant impact to the organisations involved and to wider society.
«Collaboration between research institutions and industry is a key to achieve solutions to the challenges for exploitation of the Norwegian petroleum resources, says Fridtjof Fossum Unander executive director of the division of Energy, Recourses and the Environment in the Research Council of Norway. Unander is pleased with the positive results of the evaluation. The evaluation also gives advice to the centres in order to help them to do even better in the future. «We will now have a dialogue with the centres how to implement the advice» says Unander.

High-quality basic research (Photo: Ingrid Anne Munz)
University of Tromsø is the host institution of the Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration (ARCEX). The centre has 10 research partners (including host institution) and 8 industry partners. The thematic focus is exploration in the northern areas. The research activities include knowledge about the resources (geology), exploration technology and environmental effects and risks.

The evaluation report concludes that this Centre is carrying out high-quality basic research to support future oil exploration and development that is relevant to the oil industry operating in the Barents Sea, and including the waters surrounding Svalbard, where consideration of petroleum exploration is still some way off. The Centre has strong commitment and support from the host university, as well as research and industry partners, and is building new knowledge that will be of long-term value to the industry. 

Strong and highly performing (Photo: Ingrid Anne Munz)
The University of Stavanger is the host institution of the National IOR Centre. The centre has 3 research partners (including the host institution) and 11 industry partners. Thematic focus is improved recovery of oil and gas resources. The research activities range from recovery mechanisms on nanoscale to field scale.

The evaluation report concludes that this is a strong and highly performing Centre. In this first period the Centre has carried out high quality scientific research that has been externally recognised by international awards.


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