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Joint Norwegian-Brazilian call for proposals

PETROMAKS 2 and Finep launches a call for Knowledge-Building Projects for Industry, with deadline on the 12th of September 2018. Up to NOK 20 million is available for the Norwegian applicants, and a corresponding amount will be made available by Finep for Brazilian applicants.

Strong science and excellent industry-academia collaborations

Strong science and excellent industry-academia collaborations is the conclusion in a new evaluation report about the two research centres for petroleum.

New OG21-strategy: New technology could result in petroleum worth billions and reduce CO2 emissions

Chairman of OG21, Elisabeth Kvalheim, handed over the new technology strategy for Norwegian petroleum industry to the Minister of Petroleum and Energy in Norway, Tord Lien, at the OG21-forum November 30th. It shows ten main priorities in several areas that together will provide better utilization of resources on the Norwegian continental shelf to lower costs and with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Preliminary results from the first joint call between Norway and Brazil

The petroleum programme PETROMAKS 2 and the federal Brazilian funding agency for innovation and research in Brazil, Finep, have now agreed on which projects that will receive funding within petroleum research and innovation in Norway and Brazil.

Research Council expands focus on marine technology

The Research Council of Norway is launching a targeted initiative in the field of marine technology to optimise the transfer potential between the maritime industries. A total of some NOK 100 million in funding is available for new innovation projects. In addition, there are international initiatives and calls for proposals with various ways of supporting marine technology.

Mobilizing for Norwegian-Brazilian cooperation

Innovation Norway, the Research Council and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro recently organized a workshop in collaboration with the Brazilian BNDES and FINEP to mobilize Norwegian and Brazilian companies to establish cooperation in technology development for the oil and gas sector.

NOK 249 million for new petroleum research projects

The programme board for the Large-scale Programme for Petroleum Research (PETROMAKS 2) has allocated NOK 249 million to 25 projects. Funding has been awarded to promising projects to be carried out by the petroleum industry as well as by research groups.

Well intervention at half price

The Norwegian entrepreneurial company Resonator AS has with support from Statoil, Wintershall, and the petroleum programs DEMO 2000 and PETROMAKS 2 in The Research Council of Norway (RCN) successfully demonstrated a new technology solution that removes mineral and hard deposits in production wells for oil and gas.

Record amount of funding for researcher schools

This spring, the Research Council of Norway will announce approximately NOK 325 million in funding for the establishment of new national researcher schools. The application submission deadline is 15 April 2015.

Petroleum call focusing og interdisciplinary perspectives

The Large-scale Programme for Petroleum Research (PETROMAKS 2) and the Programme for Social Science Research Related to the Petroleum Sector (PETROSAM 2) are issuing a joint call for proposals encouraging research groups to look at the challenges facing the petroleum industry in a new light.

Norwegian-Russian research cooperation even more important

“At a time when Russia in some spheres is acting more in isolation from the rest of Europe, it is perhaps all the more important to further develop fruitful research cooperation with our giant neighbour in the east,” says Director General of the Research Council Arvid Hallén.

Milestone for Norwegian-Brazilian research cooperation

The Research Council of Norway has signed two agreements with Brazil’s national research and innovation organisations, opening up opportunities for joint funding announcements in research areas of common interest.

Bold cooperation agreement to promote green growth

The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, Enova and Transnova will be joining hands to invest over NOK 1 billion annually to stimulate green growth in Norway.

Petroleum research still relevant and ethical

Norway’s National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT) has conducted a review of ethical issues related to petroleum research. The committee concludes that it is ethically justifiable and warranted to carry out petroleum research as long as it does not impede restructuring efforts targeted towards renewable forms of energy.

Nok 10 million to Norwegian partners in joint call with the Russian Foundation for Humanities


30 mill kroner to Norwegian partners in joint call for proposals with RFBR.


Announcement of the SAF€RA Joint Call 2014

The ERA-NET SAF€RA second joint call opened on May 15, 2014.

ONS Innovation Award - Sign Up to Enter the Competition

The most innovative companies in the energy industry will be honored during the ONS conference in August. Deadline for entry is May 19th.

Norwegian-Russian cooperation on assessing Arctic earthquake risk

“For a complete picture of earthquake risk in the Arctic, Norwegian and Russian scientists need to share seismological data – and this knowledge is more important than ever, now that oil and gas activities in the area are on the rise,” said project manager Johannes Schweitzer at the GEOPROC project kick-off on 8 April.

Arctic petroleum research centre launched

The Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration (ARCEx) is affiliated with UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. The centre will generate new knowledge about the exploitation of petroleum resources in the northern areas and the Arctic.

Largest allocation to petroleum projects in a decade

The Research Council of Norway’s Large-scale Programme for Petroleum Research (PETROMAKS2) recently awarded NOK 275 million in funding to 40 new research projects.

Nanotechnology to recover stubborn oil

Two new research projects are receiving funding from the Research Council of Norway to develop nanoparticles that can dislodge oil that remains trapped in reservoirs after conventional recovery has been completed. Every percentage point of enhanced oil recovery rate represents billions in revenues.

NOK 25.5 million to Norwegian-Russian polar and petroleum research


SAF€RA’s first Joint Call attracts 53 proposals

The first joint call of SAF€RA attracted 53 applications. Applications were sendt from more than 20 countries, with a total budget request of over more than 9 million €.

First announcement of SAF€RA Joint Call

The ERA-NET SAF€RA first joint call is now open. Ten European countries and regions participate with a total available public funding of about 3.4 million Euro.

Stavanger site of new petroleum research centre

The new research centre for improved recovery of petroleum resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf will be established at the University of Stavanger. The centre will develop new knowledge and technology to increase recovery beyond projections under today’s field operation plans.

Nanoparticles helping to recover more oil

When petroleum companies abandon an oil well, more than half the reservoir’s oil is usually left behind as too difficult to recover. Now, however, much of the residual oil can be recovered with the help of nanoparticles and a simple law of physics.

On the ski trail of success or failure

The glide of a pair of skis is not something to be taken lightly when going for World Championship or Olympic gold. The physical structure on the base of skis is tailored to each venue.

Invitation to the 7th Arctic Offshore Workshop in Russia

The workshop will focus on joint research and innovation for the petroleum industry working in the arctic. It will be arranged in Arkhangelsk, June 17th - 20th 2013.

Successful workshop on petroleum technology

The workshop during Science Week in Houston presented the technologies developed through projects in PETROMAKS and DEMO 2000 in collaboration with international companies.