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The Public sector Ph.D.-scheme allow institutions in the public sector to apply for funding from the Research Council for an employee seeking to pursue a doctoral degree. The doctoral degree should be relevant to the institution's responsibilities.

The objectives of the scheme

The overall objectives of the scheme are to expand long-term, relevant competence-building and research activities in public sector body, to increase researcher recruitment within the public sector and to promote greater collaboration between academia and the public sector.

The Research Council works to boost research and innovation activity in the public sector and provides support for research projects. The authorities expect the Research Council to help to increase knowledge intensity in the public sector in various ways, including the recruitment of doctoral candidates.

The Public Sector Ph.D. scheme does not represent a new type of doctoral degree, but is designed to support long-term research that has the same level of scientific merit as the general doctoral degree education. The doctoral research projects are to generate knowledge that is relevant for and can be applied by public sector actors and their users, as well as to develop practices in the public sector for creating new and improved solutions. At the same time, the doctoral research projects must seek new knowledge in areas where the need for knowledge and innovation is substantial, and must support the institution’s R&D and innovation strategy. Greater collaboration between the public sector and academia will promote better utilisation of the knowledge generated both nationally and internationally within the public sector

The English website will have very limited content. For further information about the public sector Ph.D.-scheme please refer to the Norwegian site.