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Joint call for Proposals. Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development (PopDev)

On 20 December a joint call for proposals was launched for the research programme Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development (“PopDev”), which in Norway is associated to the NORGLOBAL programme ECONPOP. In this current call, a budget of approximately €2.2 million is available for up to eight research programmes in total. Proposals must be submitted by international teams; the deadline for submission is 15 March 2012.

Funding partners
The call is made jointly by NWO-WOTRO (NL), the Economic Social Research Council (UK), the Population Reference Bureau (PRB, USA) and the Research Council of Norway (RCN). All partners have received at least part of their funding for this call from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Like ECONPOP, PopDev aims to contribute to knowledge about the effects of population dynamics and reproductive health on different aspects of economic and social development.

The specific aims of this joint call for proposals are:
• to fund high-quality scientific research contributing to knowledge that leads to reproductive health and population policy choices to achieve maximum economic benefits;
• to enhance production of development-relevant knowledge, engagement of researchers with societal stakeholders and availability of research results relevant for policy and practice at country level;
• to strengthen local research capacity in this research field;
• to enhance international collaboration and networking between research groups in this research.

Research funded is a joint initiative of and is being carried out by a team of researchers that must include at least one researcher based in the country of the funding agency (ESRC, NWO-WOTRO, RCN, or PRB) and one researcher based in the developing country of interest. Proposed research to be supported with the grant must be completed in 2 years at most.

Stakeholder involvement
This scheme encourages the involvement of and exchange with relevant stakeholders, not only academic, but also explicitly with non-academic, policy-making, and service providing audiences, identified as important to the production and use of research findings.

Thematic focus
Proposals should focus on one of two themes: 1) The impact of reproductive health on women’s economic empowerment, or 2) Relationships between reproductive health and family planning on the one hand and macroeconomic outcomes in countries on the other.

Submission of proposals
Deadline for submission of proposals is 15 March 2012. Please note that all applications should be submitted to the PRB, not RCN, using the forms especially prepared for this call. Further information about the call for proposals and application forms and procedures can be found here: Call description and application form.

USA (coordinator): Marlene Lee, PRB,, +1 202-939-5445
Norway: Jan M. Haakonsen, RCN,, +47 22 03 72 54

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Jan M. Haakonsen
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