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MALAWI, Democracy and Governance in Malawi (2013 - 2016)

The Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe, with technical assistance from Norad, has committed funding for a three year social science research programme on the situation,
development and challenges of democracy and governance in Malawi. The budget will be NOK 9 million for projects up to three years.

Malawi The goal of the activity is to produce new knowledge on the situation, the development and the challenges of democratic governance in Malawi.

The research goal is to stimulate high quality research into issues of democratic governance in Malawi. The activity also aims at maintaining and strengthening research capacity in Norway and Malawi.

The activity is expected to finance at least two research projects on democracy and governance in Malawi. The research projects shall seek to develop knowledge for improving democracy and governance in Malawi and focus on four main topics:

a) democracy consolidation, including institutions, processes and culture;
b) political economy and power relations;
c) gender and equality issues in democracy and governance;
d) accountability of political institutions, the civil service and political parties,
including anti-corruption.