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Women and Gender

Available fact sheets:
Gender Equality Projects

Overview of Women, Peace and Security projects:
Strengthening women's role in research and knowledge-developement PDF - 1,3 MB

Project manager: Kristin Sandvik Bergtora

Political organization of displaced women in Colombia

Project manager: Rachel Sieder

Indigenous women's access to justice and security in Latin America

Project manager: Liv Tønnesen

Sexual violence, legislative reforms and court practises in Sudan

Project manager: Ingrid Nyborg

Gendered experiences of security in Swat Valley, Pakistan

Project manager: Wenche Iren Hauge

Female ex-combatants in Myanmar and Nepal

Project manager: Morten Bøås

Gender-based violence and customary law in Liberia

Project manager: Ragnhild Nordås

Survivors of sexual violence in Democratic Republic of Congo

Project manager: Astri Suhrke

Violence against women in Afghanistan

Project manager: Åshild Kolås

Gender, empowerment and conflict in South Asia

Project manager: Atri Suhrke

Governance, justice ande gender in Afghanistan

Project manager: Cindy Horst

Women's leadership and political influence in Somalia

Project No. 199473, Project manager Annne Hellum
The right to Africa's water PDF - 647 KB
Project No. 199514, Project manager Ragnhild Lund
Studying Mobile Indigenous People in a Globalised World PDF - 593 KB
Project No. 203902, Project Manager Liv Tønnessen
Sexualised violence in Islamic law PDF - 427 KB   
Project No. 203913, Project Manager Ingrid Nyborg
Gender and human security in post-conflict Pakistan PDF - 302 KB



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