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Sensor technology

The overall objective of the project is to develop sensor technology adapted to arctic challenges and use in Northern Norway. The project will also contribute to innovation by assisting firms in the region in adopting new technology and research.

The project will develop a sensor for measuring the concentration of Methane in sea and air. Ultrasound will be used for imaging in industrial environments. Methane is a well known greenhouse gas, and ultrasound imaging can be used for quality control in fish. These modes of use are well adapted to the high North.

Developing technology in a region with few research intensive enterprises and small research communities in technology development is a challenge. This challenge is addressed by developing a solid knowledge base in optics and ultrasound for sensors, and by emphasizing both long-term and applied research in these areas. The project will contribute when local technology firms have short term challenges as well as develop technology in the long term which can lead to the establishing of new firms.

This project is a continuation of the project "Subsea sensors for oil and gas", which ran from  2009-2014.

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