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Northern InSights – Knowledge based added value in Tourism

The overall objective of this research project is to strengthen and further develop the
knowledge-based development system for tourism and other experience-based industries. This will be executed through long-term research conducted in close cooperation between dynamic research groups, educational institutions and the tourism industry itself.

The project has been organized to fulfill the overall purpose of the Research initiative for Northern Norway in two main ways:

1. By taking a long-term perspective on the collaborative research activities within a broad

consortium that includes the three counties, several disciplines and perspectives, as well as the spectrum from basic to applied research in a dynamic and highly integrated program.

2. By creating active interfaces between the research activity in the project and the international research community, the education system, government institutions and the industry.

The project will implement high-quality research on service innovation in experience tourism and co-creation between the tourism industry and guests.

The project will generate research-based knowledge as a base for innovation, value creation and economic development. The project will integrate partners and develop networks with all user groups.  

The project aims to publish results widely, be internationally visible and to strengthen existing networks and develop new ties through expanding research collaboration.

Project results will also be found through  strengthening the attractiveness of the research partners for students, employment for researchers and as R&D partners. The quality of education will be heightened from bachelor through to the ph.d.level.

Written by:
Anne solheim
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