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Arctic Earth Observation and Surveillance Technologies

The project is aimed at advancing education and basic and applied research on new technologies for both large scale Earth observation based on satellite observations, and local scale surveillance using UAS.

This will in turn aid a deeper understanding of the environmental changes due to increased industrial and commercial activities in the North (including the Arctic), and improve the decision basis for sustainability and safety associated with these activities.

The resulting products and new technologies will also offer new business opportunities and jobs within the fields of EO, space and UAS Technology where Northern Norway already are leading internationally.

The main project objectives are:

  • To create knowledge which can generate new products and services within industrial partners.
  • To develop technology and tools to aid the expansion of industrial companies in the High North in an environmentally sustainable and safe way.
  • To create spin-off effects in form of new services and technologies which would result in commercialization, new high-tech jobs and companies.
  • To elevate educational competence of personnel in research institutions and companies in Northern Norway through organized PhD programs.

The project will comprise three interrelated research and development areas:

  1. Methods and Algorithms: Development of basic methods and algorithms for information retrieval from data from Earth observation sensors, quality assurance and modification of existing satellite algorithms for arctic conditions.
  2. Models: Development of numeric models for prediction of the impact of emissions from polluting sources, as well as physical and statistical models describing the electromagnetic (EM) interaction with the Earth surface
  3. Platforms and sensors: Develop a UAS platform and sensors dedicated to surveillance tasks and reliable routine operation in the Arctic under all kinds of conditions.

The research conducted include development of modelling methods and algorithms and thorough evaluation of these within a framework that should allow for integration into future operational surveillance facilities.

Co-operating partners:

Universitety of Tromsø, Norut Narvik, Narvik University College, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norwegian Institute of Air Research (Nilu), International Resarch in Stavanger (IRIS), Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Konsgberg Sattelite Services, Spacetec, Andøya Rpocket Ranget, Norinnova Technology Transfer, TTOnorth, NAROM (Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education), EnergyCampus North, University of Alaska, Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, University of Cambridge.

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