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About the initiative

The NORDSATSING initiative is funding competency development projects conducted under the auspices of educational and research communities in Northern Norway, in order to strengthen and further develop the competency infrastructure in this region.

The primary objective of the NORDSATSING initiative is to strengthen and further develop knowledge based development processes in Northern Norway. This will be conducted through long-term research in close cooperation with dynamic research groups, educational institutions and industry in the thematic priority areas of tourism and hospitality, and Arctic technology.

The initiative’s secondary objectives are as follows:

  • To generate research-based knowledge that lays the foundation for innovation, value creation and industrial development in the thematic priority areas of Arctic technology, and tourism and hospitality. The initiative seeks to develop this region as a hub of international competency in these areas in the long term.
  • To strengthen existing networks and forms of cooperation and develop new ones through expanded research collaboration between educational and research institutions in Northern Norway.
  • To enhance the attractiveness of the educational institutions as a study location, of research institutions as a workplace for researchers and of both as partners in collaborative R&D efforts.
  • To support the educational and research institutions in their efforts to produce highly qualified graduates and provide relevant knowledge for industry and the public sector.

Grant applications were submitted by independent research institutes, university or university colleges in the counties of Nordland, Troms or Finnmark on behalf of consortiums comprised of several educational and research partners from the northern counties as well as other national and international R&D groups when relevant.


Overall budget:
The initiative has an annual budget of approximately NOK 35 million.


Written by:
Lars Erik Krogh
Last updated: