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Under the Industrial Ph.D. scheme companies may apply for support for a three-year period for an employee seeking to pursue an ordinary doctoral degree. The doctoral candidate must be employed by the company and the doctoral research project must be of clear relevance to the company’s activities.


  • Apply for additional funds to go abroad

    The Research Council of Norway encourages our projects to start international collaborations that contribute to strengthening competence and the internationalization of research. Industrial Ph.D. candidates working abroad for a period are supported with both a personal stipend and funding for travel. Read about Industrial Ph.D. candidate Muhammad Azher Bhatti's stay in Australia.

  • Have a great Summer!

    The Industrial Ph.D. wishes all of our projects a wonderful Summer! Due to the Summer holidays, the team will be reduced from June to August, and the application processing will be somewhat delayed.

  • The Industrial Ph.D. Scheme

    - A good tool to develop employees and connections with universities

    In an interview with Adjacent Government, Executive Director Anne Kjersti Fahlvik talks about how the Research Council of Norway works to support young researchers in industry and stimulate cooperation between companies and academia. The Industrial Ph.D. Scheme is a key element in these efforts.

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