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Under the Industrial Ph.D. scheme companies may apply for support for a three-year period for an employee seeking to pursue an ordinary doctoral degree. The doctoral candidate must be employed by the company and the doctoral research project must be of clear relevance to the company’s activities.


  • The Industrial Ph.D. Scheme

    - A good tool to develop employees and connections with universities

    In an interview with Adjacent Government, Executive Director Anne Kjersti Fahlvik talks about how the Research Council of Norway works to support young researchers in industry and stimulate cooperation between companies and academia. The Industrial Ph.D. Scheme is a key element in these efforts.

  • Meet our Candidates

    Yulia Vibe from Kalkulo

    Companies under the Industrial Ph.D. Scheme have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique knowledge and expertise offered by academic institutions outside Norway. When Yulia Vibe and her employer Kalkulo decided to embark on a project about vertical plate motions, they turned to the world-leading geodynamics group at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.

  • Meet our Candidates

    Melesse Eshetu Moges from Ecomotive

    Melesse Eshetu Moges is interested in how scientific and industrial responses can avert the current and future challenges of population growth, urbanisation, and energy and food insecurity. By taking on an Industrial PhD project, he and his employer, Ecomotive, aim to contribute to addressing these challenges by developing a more sustainable way of managing municipal water and sanitation.

  • Meet our candidates

    We invite you to get to know the companies and research fellows currently participating in the Industrial Ph.D. scheme. They have submitted their own accounts of their projects, and the results will be published continually on this website.

  • Industrial PhD - a useful tool for knowledge-exchange

    Roughly 50 Industrial Ph.D. candidates met recently at the annual Industrial Ph.D. gathering organized by the Research Council. The gatherings help candidates in understanding the relationship between research and industry.

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