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External evaluation of the Latin America programme

The programme has been running for almost a decade and has provided funding for 70 projects. It will be evaluated by Technopolis Group. Former and present project leaders in the programme will be contacted.

 The aim of the external evaluation is to determine whether the main goals of the programme have been achieved. The evaluation will assess results, academic outcomes and goal achievements during the programme period.

The project team conducting the evaluation consist of:

  • David Regeczi, team leader
  • Helen Coskeran, deputy team leader
  • Tommy Jansson, project member
  • Chiel Scholten, project member
  • Annaloes de Ruiter, project member

The project team will conduct an online survey at the end of September, and all project leaders that have received funding from the Latin America programme will be contacted. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation when you receive the request for information.

If you are a former project leader or project member who has received funding from the Latin America programme, and you have changed your contact information since then, please get in touch with programme coordinator Zlata Turkanovic at

The final report will be delivered by December 20th 2017, and will be presented to the Division Research Board for Society and Health and the programme board for the Latin America programme.


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