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Exhibiting Europe conference 7-9 April 2011

The research project Exhibiting Europe invites to its final conference in Oslo from 7-9 April 2011 at the Interkulturelt Museum.

Exhibiting Europe links research on processes of musealisation, migration and Europeanisation. As we observe various trans- and supranational narratives in telling histories of Europe, the conference examines those new European narratives. How do they manifest themselves in permanent and temporary exhibitions? How do they affect the planning of new museums or transform the policies of existing ones? The conference will bring together academic experts and museum practitioners from all over Europe to explore the ongoing production of European narratives in the museal field.

Program folder PDF - 197 KB  
Poster PDF - 14,2 MB    

For the program details please visit the website

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Solbjørg Rauset Seniorrådgiver 22 03 73 98
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