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The KULMEDIA Programme

The Programme on the Culture and Media Sector (KULMEDIA) is a policy-oriented programme that seeks to generate new, research-based knowledge about the connections between the role of cultural life and the media in society and the economic and technological framework underlying this. Especially important are the far-reaching and sometimes dramatic changes that digitalisation entails. These changes affect and are affected by cultural and media policy, which thus also becomes an object of research under the programme.

The primary objective of the programme is to enhance the knowledge base for use in cultural and media policy development in light of the responsibility of the state to create conditions that facilitate open and enlightened public discourse as laid down in Article 100 of the Norwegian Constitution.

The programme will promote high-quality research of relevance for policy development, public administration and stakeholders in the culture and media sector by generating:

  • knowledge about the changing technological and economic framework underlying the production, distribution and use of media content, art and cultural expression of all types;
  • knowledge about the changing technological and economic framework underlying the establishment, management, accessibility to and dissemination of collections in institutions such as museums, archives and libraries – Norway’s cultural memory;
  • knowledge about how cultural and media policy itself influences the framework and role in society of these areas.

To understand the challenges inherent in the culture and media sector and how these may be addressed, it is important that projects view technology, economics, policy, and the media and cultural life’s role in society in relation to each other. Within this overall perspective, the programme has the following thematic priorities:

  • Digitalisation and its consequences;
  • Changes in economic framework conditions for the media sector;
  • Changes in economic framework conditions for the culture sector;
  • Changes in cultural and media policy;
  • The user perspective and cultural citizenship;
  • Historical, national and international perspectives.                        

The KULMEDIA programme is seeking ambitious projects that view the thematic priority areas in relation to each other. The programme will provide funding to projects that strengthen research groups studying culture and media to promote a higher quality and volume of research in the field in the long term.