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Up to NOK 80 million in this year's INTPART call – what is new?

Funding for partnerships with Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa and USA. Germany and France are also included. New this year is extension of partnerships from 2015. The objective of the INTPART programme is to develop world-class research and education in Norway through long term international cooperation.


In 2018 you may apply for:

  • New INTPART projects with countries outside of Europe – "Phase 1A"-projects
  • New INTPART projects with Germany and/or France – "Phase 1B"-projects

Both these project types have the same format as before.

New this year is that projects awarded in 2015 may apply for extension projects from the end-date of the project, either by extension of a single 2015-project, or through merger of two or more 2015 projects where there is an added value of merger. The latter will be evaluated positively.

  • Extension of projects awarded in the INTPART call 2015 – "Phase 2A"-projects
  • Extension and merging of projects awarded in the INTPART call 2015 – "Phase 2B"-projects

Read carefully requirements and criteria for Phase-1 applications, and in particular for the new Phase-2 applications, which among other new elements also demand 40% own funding.

Please note that also this year we demand lists from ALL the applicant institutions, and that these lists have a deadline of April 25, 2018 at 13:00, the same as the application deadline.

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Written by:
Berit Johne Innleid
Last updated: