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89 INTPART applications received

Eightynine INTPART applications were received at the deadline in May. Of these were 9 with partners in Germany and France, and 80 applications with partners in one or more of the eight prioritized countries outside Europe: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South-Africa and USA. A preliminary counting showed 36 projects with partner in USA, 19 with Canada, 14 with India and with South-Africa, 13 with China, 10 with Brazil and 4 with Russian partner institutions. More than half of the proposals had concentrated on one partner country, many with only one international partner institution. On the other hand there was a number of multilateral project applications, with partners in up to five countries and a number of institutions.

Eight universities submitted a total of 52 applications, six university colleges submitted 9, fourteen research institutes submitted 27 and 1 application form a university hospital. Science, technology and innovation is well represented this year, however, social science and humanities are better represented than in the previous years.

Results of the funding decisions will be available towards the end of November.

Written by:
Berit Johne Innleid
Last updated: