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The Research Council will:

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Further develop the national research infrastructure 
The establishment of the National Financing Initiative for Research has given the Research Council a tool for shaping the Norwegian research infrastructure landscape. Assessments of the scientific merit and integrated strategic importance of proposed infrastructures will help to identify which investments will be most advantageous for Norwegian research. In order to take adequate account of strategic perspectives, it is important that the initiative is coordinated with other instruments and funding schemes at the Research Council.                      

Follow up Norway’s participation in international cooperation on research infrastructure
Norway participates in European cooperation on research infrastructure to provide the Norwegian research community with access to infrastructures that Norway cannot finance on its own. Decisions regarding participation will be targeted towards international cooperation that supports the priority areas set out in the Long-term plan. Norway’s participation in the distributed ESFRI infrastructures has the greatest strategic benefit in areas where Norway already has research infrastructures that can be coordinated and further developed in cooperation with other European countries.

Promote optimal use of infrastructures
The Research Council’s centralised allocation process provides an overview of existing infrastructures at any given time. The requirement of making national research infrastructure accessible to many users will also help to promote more effective use.

Enhance the innovation capacity of industry and the public sector
The Norwegian business sector is mainly comprised of small and medium-sized companies. The Research Council would like to see greater research activity among these companies – and wider application of the research results. The Council works to promote an innovative business sector that carries out more research activity in collaboration with the public sector, and views the public sector as an important partner and market for developing innovative solutions.  The Research Council encourages companies and public entities to collaborate with Norwegian and international researchers on a broader scale to better exploit research results for development and innovation. Up-to-date research infrastructure is a critical factor for achieving this objective, and the Council’s investments in infrastructure are intended to support such collaboration.       

Promote accessibility of research data
Access to high-quality research data can promote innovation and knowledge-based management. The Research Council works to increase the accessibility and reuse of research data for the business and public sectors by means of requirements and guidelines for R&D projects and through funding of data infrastructures of national importance.

Promote efficient management, operation and accessibility of infrastructure, in keeping with international principles
The Research Council places emphasis on sound organisation and operation of the infrastructures in its funding announcements, application review process, and follow-up of projects. The infrastructures are to be established in keeping with international principles for user access, management of data and findings, and steps to make these openly accessible.

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