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The Norwegian Programme for Research Cooperation with India (INDNOR) has been established to promote collaboration on research and research funding between India and Norway.


  • Norway - India cooperation is central to solving global challenges

    Research cooperation with India is a core activity in order to promote research directed towards global challenges. This was the clear consensus when close to 150 scientists, research institutions, government representatives and other interested parties came together to celebrate more than 10 years with Norwegian-Indian research collaboration.

  • 10 mill NOK available for Indo-Norwegian cooperation on energy research

    India and Norway have a program for joint funding of Indo-Norwegian joint research projects in mutually agreed fields to achieve bilateral world-class scientific results.

  • EU-India call on Water

    € 30 mn. for EU-India collaborative research and innovation projects aiming at improving the quality of drinking water, waste water management and real time monitoring and control systems. Deadline February 27th 2018.

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