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Indicators on Norwegian R&D and innovation

The abridged English edition of the 2015 Report on Science & Technology Indicators for Norway (pdf version) has now been published. The report describes and documents the Norwegian research and innovation system.

Through its extensive presentation of statistics and indicators, the 2015 Report on Science & Technology Indicators for Norway offers a valuable perspective on Norwegian research and innovation, complete with commentary and analysis.

The Norwegian 2015 edition was published in september, while the abridged version in English was published on December 11th. The reports are mainly based on data from the R&D statistics of 2013 and innovation statistics of 2012.

The 2015 report consists of five chapters:

Download the report  here PDF - 3,2 MB , or order a free copy from Research council Norway.

Figures and tables in the report are available in Excel format here.

The Norwegian webpages also presents a broader set of tables with S&T statistics from various sources. These tables are updated during the year.