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Risk finance

Access to risk finance under Horizon 2020 - InnovFin

Europe needs greater investment in research and innovation. Instruments under Horizon 2020 make risk finance more easily available and facilitate access to financing for companies and other organisations involved in research and innovation activities. 

InnovFin – EU Finance for Innovators comprises six tailored financial instruments to promote research and innovation:

  • InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance (loans and guarantees; EUR 7.5–25 million granted directly by the European Investment Bank (EIB)).
  • InnovFin Large Projects (loans and guarantees; EUR 25–300 million granted directly by the EIB). 
  • InnovFin MidCap Guarantee (guarantees on new loans granted by financial intermediaries; EUR 7.5–50 million).
  • InnovFin SME Guarantee (guarantees on debt financing via financial intermediaries; EUR 25 000–EUR 7.5 million).
  • InnovFin SME Venture Capital (risk finance/early-stage investments via funds).
  • InnovFin Advisory (advice in connection with large-scale projects).

The EU employs financial instruments to enable private capital to take part as well, which makes the amount of funding available in the market many times larger than the amount set aside for risk finance under Horizon 2020. The Horizon 2020 budget totals nearly EUR 80 billion, of which EUR 2.7 billion has been set aside for financial instruments.

Target groups

Norwegian financial actors such as banks and venture capital funds may apply to become financial intermediaries. Those who are selected enter into an agreement with either the European Investment Fund (EIF) or the European Investment Bank (EIB) and will then invest in and grant loans to Norwegian companies.

Not all InnovFin instruments involve direct funding, but innovative companies and projects may apply for loans from EUR 7.5–300 million directly from the EIB via the InnovFin Large Projects and InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance instruments.

A list of financial intermediaries by country may be found on the EU’s Your Europe business portal.

Additional information

Innovation Norway is the National Contact Point (NCP) for capital instruments under Horizon 2020. For more information, see or contact:
Senior Adviser Geir Ove Hansen, +47 22 00 27 68
Innovation Norway
NCP Access to Risk Finance Horizon 2020






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