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New conditions for support for establishment of Horizon 2020 projects

As of 1 May 2017, funding under the Research Council of Norway’s PES2020 scheme is disbursed as a lump sum and you will no longer be required to report your own costs. In addition, the funding ceilings have been raised both for ordinary participants and for coordinators of collaborative projects.

Changes have also been made to the reporting routines under the revised PES2020 scheme. Documentation of own costs is no longer required for disbursement of PES2020 funding. Once a project proposal is formally approved by Horizon 2020, the PES funding will be disbursed as a lump sum.

The revised call for proposals for the PES2020 scheme is now available. The call has an open-ended deadline.

Higher funding amounts
The maximum amount of PES2020 funding that may be awarded to coordinators of large-scale projects has been raised to NOK 400 000. This applies, for example, to coordinators of Research and Innovation Actions and Innovation Actions. NOK 100 000 in additional support will be awarded to the most highly qualified project proposals with an evaluation score over the H2020 threshold.

The increase in amounts is a response to reports from former Norwegian coordinators of an H2020 project proposal that previous funding did not adequately correspond to the work burden.

The maximum amount of funding awarded to participants in an H2020 project proposal has been increased from NOK 40 000 to 50 000. The ceiling for work package leaders has been raised from NOK 60 000 to 70 000. In both cases recipients may be awarded an additional NOK 10 000 if the project proposal is given a score over the H2020 threshold.

Submit applications as early as possible
When preparing an H2020 project proposal it is wise to submit your application for PES2020 funding as early as possible, as this will give you access to further guidance and assistance from the relevant National Contact Point (NCP) (list in Norwegian only). PES2020 applications may be submitted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

The final deadline for submission of applications for PES2020 funding is the date of submission of the H2020 project proposal. Applications that are received after the expiry of the relevant EU deadline will be rejected.

Support for participation at events
Universities, university colleges and most research institutes apply for an annual framework grant under the PES2020 scheme. Other actors apply for project establishment support for individual H2020 project proposals. Actors without an annual framework grant under the PES2020 scheme are also eligible to apply for support for participation at events to familiarise themselves with the EU framework programme, establish new networks and present their plans with the aim of applying for EU funding. Read more in the PES2020 call for proposals.

Written by:
hilde Totland Harket. Translation: Victoria Coleman/Carol B. Eckmann.
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