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Even more help with EU grant proposals

The Research Council of Norway’s new “Path to EU Excellence” initiative is now offering more courses relating to the application process for funding from Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

The Research Council will also be offering concrete help in writing proposals to enable Norwegian research and innovation groups to submit more and better quality proposals for Horizon 2020 funding. See the new course calendar here.

Horizon 2020 has a budget of EUR 80 billion and is the world’s largest research and innovation programme. Although Norway is not an EU member state, it takes part in the programme on an equal footing with EU member states. According to Norwegian participants in Horizon 2020 projects, taking part in the EU framework programme serves as a door opener to new markets and boosts international recognition.

“In 2017, the Research Council is expanding its course programme and offering wider assistance for those developing Horizon 2020 grant proposals,” says International Director at the Research Council Kristin Danielsen. (Photo: Forskningsrådet) “Many Norwegian companies, public sector actors and research institutions have already applied for research funding from the EU, but we think even more should take advantage of this unique opportunity,” says International Director at the Research Council Kristin Danielsen. “Now the Research Council can provide even more assistance in connection with the process of applying for EU funding.”

Expanded course programme

Norwegian actors have received NOK 3.1 billion in EU funding thus far, and the proportion of Norwegian applications is growing. The Research Council has expanded its course programme to provide greater assistance to those seeking funding. Courses range from identifying EU funding opportunities and proposal development to project implementation. All courses are free of charge, but participants must have concrete plans for applying for EU funding. The courses are held in English.

The courses have been very popular, so in 2017 the course on project management and financial reporting for EU projects will be offered six times. A brand-new course on consortium agreements will also be launched (in Norwegian).

Concrete assistance with writing proposals

Starting in 2017, the Research Council will be expanding services to companies, public sector actors and research institutions relating to review and quality assurance of proposals prior to submission. These services are mainly targeted towards applicants that do not have their own internal EU advisory services. Contact the Council as soon as possible and well in advance of the application deadline.

See the complete course calendar here (in Norwegian).
More information about the Path to EU Excellence initiative (in Norwegian).


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