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HO21 Advisory Board

As a part of the implementation of the Health&Care21 strategy, the Ministry of Health and Care services has appointed an advisory board (HO21- rådet) which will contribute to a coherent and comprehensive follow-up of the strategy.

The board will convene at the following dates in 2018: 

  • February 21
  • March 21
  • June 6
  • September 17
  • November 29

See the Norwegian web pages for more details on the Advisory Board meetings. 

The board consists of the following members:

Camilla Stoltenberg
Director Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Bjørn Gustafsson 
Dean Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Anne Kjersti Fahlvik Executive Director Research Council of Norway, Division for Innovation
Anne Lise Ryel Secretary General Norwegian Cancer Society
Aud Obstfelder Professor NTNU, Gjøvik
Cathrin Carlyle User representative Northern Norway Regional Health Authority
Chrstine Bergland Director The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth
Clara Gram Gjesdal Co-director Helse Vest RHF
Dagfinn Bjørgen Managing Director Mental Helse
Eirik Næss-Ulseth Gründer and investor  
Erlend Smeland Director of Research, innovation and education Oslo University Hospital
Esperanza Diaz Associate Professor UIB, Department of Global Public Health and Primary care
Fredrik Syversen Director of industry development IKT Norge
Gro Jamtvedt Dekan OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
Guri Rørtveit Head of Department Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, University of Bergen
Hilde Lurås Research Director Akershus University Hospital 
Håkon Haugli CEO Abelia
Inger Østensjø Director of research, innovation and digitalisation KS
Jesper W. Simonsen Division Director Research Council of Norway
Karita Bekkemellem Director The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway - LMI 
Kathrine Myhre CEO Oslo Health Tech
Knut-Inge Klepp Executive Director Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Kåre Reiten Chair Levekårsstyret i Stavanger
Lilly Ann Elvestad Secretary General The Norwegian Federation of Organizations of Disabled People (FFO) 
Mona Skaret Director Growth Companies and Clusters Innovation Norway
Nina Tangnæs Grønvold Head of Municipal Affairs Fredrikstad Municipal
Pål Kraft Head of Department Institute for Psychology, University of Oslo
Sameline Grimsgaard Professor. Head of the Tromsø Study The Arctic University of Norway
Svein Lie Divisjon director, Primary Health Services Norwegian Directorate of Health
Tom Pike Chair Vaccibody AS

See Norwegian web pages for more information.

(Photo: Thomas Keilman)